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The Pros and Cons of a Work From Home Franchise

Maybe you’ve seen movies like Fight Club or most recently, Wanted and felt a comradery with the main characters who seem trapped in boring, dead-end jobs with no end or escape in sight. Unlike these films, the average person isn’t going to lead an underground fighting club or become a superhero-like assassin, but you can find some freedom from the job that’s driving you crazy with a work from home franchise. You’ll get to be the boss, call the shots and direct your own company while steering yourself towards financial freedom in a job you love. Sure, it’s not all sunshine and roses, but there are a great deal of benefits to owning your own small business franchise and being able to work at home. Here are a few factors that may make the decision a little easier as we take a look at The Pros And Cons Of A Work From Home Franchise.

One of the first differences you’ll notice once you begin working from home is that with no office hours to abide by or supervisors breathing down your neck, you’ll be able to work when you want and how long you want as you set your own schedule. Many people report that work from home businesses are much less stressful due to their ability to be operated at whatever pace you are most comfortable with. As with most things in life, whatever you put into your business is what you’re going to get out of it, so don’t assume that a home business opportunity will be a walk in the park, but for many people, setting your own schedule makes things a whole lot easier.

With the majority of the people reading this article most likely doing so from work, you no doubt know how easy it can be to become distracted and if you’re prone to distraction, a work from home business may not be the best choice. While working from home gives you more freedom than just about any other type of work, it’ important to consider how working at home will affect your productivity. Do you find it hard to focus and get work done if your office isn’t tidy? Well, consider how a messy house might prohibit your work. Are you easily deterred by a phone call or an e-mail? Consider how someone at the door or a friend or neighbor dropping in might derail your work for the afternoon. This problem will vary from person to person, but if you’re prone to distraction and have your heart set on a home business, consider setting up your home office in a secluded location of the house, turn off any unnecessary phones or devices and settle in on your work with clear times set ahead of time so that you know which hours are for work and which are for play.

A good thing to keep in mind when considering home business opportunities is what kind of financial benefits/drawbacks you’ll receive as a home based business owner. If you office out of your home, you’ll be able to deduct a percentage of your mortgage from your taxes and as a small business owner, you’ll receive quite a few other tax breaks if you look in the right places for them. As a home based business owner, you’ll also save quite a bit of money by running your business out of your home when compared to the high costs of retail storefronts. One downside to consider is that with a home based small business your paycheck may not be as steady as you may be used to, particularly in the first few months, so it’s important to plan ahead. Many financial advisors recommend having enough startup money to cover the first year’s expenses. Careful planning like this will ease the pressure of owning your own business and allow you to focus on growing your business rather than just scraping by month to month in the beginning.

If you’re used to the perks of having a copier, fax machine, even a hefty supply of pens and staples, consider that when working from home, your options may be limited when it comes to the office equipment you’ve grown accustomed to. There a few simple ways to get by with a no-frills office including using a business center or conducting business via computer. Business centers are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people begin telecommuting and working from home. With these centers popping up on every corner, it’s easy to run down the street, make some copies, send a few faxes or send and receive mail and packages. Another alternative to office equipment is to do more of your work digitally. With the standard computer, you can now send faxes, print great looking documents and photos, even run conference calls and voicemail services.

When it comes to home based franchise opportunities, there are definitely a few things that will take some minor adjustments, but all-in-all if you’re interested in working from home, the advantages by far will weigh out the disadvantages. Whether you’re stoked about going to work in your underwear, being your own boss or taking advantage of the tax breaks and financial benefits, a home based franchise business is sure to be a welcome change to the monotony of the cubicle. Franchises also have the distinct benefit of providing you with everything needed to get your business moving, so even if you’ve never owned a small business before, you’ll be setup with all the tools needed for success.

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