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Minuteman Press International Inc. รข?? Franchise Review

Established in 1973 as Minuteman Press Corp. Minuteman Press International Inc. serves as a franchisee organization that earned expertise in printing services, copying and document reproduction coupled with graphic design services. In the year 1975, it began franchising.  As a Minuteman Press owner you will experience a unique place in the printing industry where you will find the potential to serve virtually all the printing needs that business faces.

With a cascading demand in the world of printing items, Minuteman Press is dedicated to offering firmness through the proven concept. With State-of-art technology, proven marketing programs and 27 regional support offices, they have been able to take class people from all walks of life and provide them the essential opportunity to shelter their financial future. The stores offer many types of services to their customers to help them in gearing up the sales. Offering everything from business cards and brochures to full direct mail campaigns and promotional items and more, Minuteman Press International Inc. encourages its owners to offer any business service their customers may want.

Minuteman Press has multiple avenues of financing to assist people going into their business.  They are smart enough in helping you find the right financing options for you, whether it is for the purchase of a new or existing business. Once you are welcomed and accepted as Minuteman Press Franchisee, you may be eligible to finance the equipment package. As there are many plus points to this financing program, you are certainly entitled to select any independent financing program that best suits your needs.

The notion of Franchising, as the relationship between franchisor and franchisee, has been a principal ingredient in the development of Minuteman Press.   As a Minuteman Press Franchisee, you are free to take advantage of the cost savings on various supplies available through MMP Supply Company. MMP Supply Company distributes supplies exclusively to Minuteman Press Franchisee owner throughout our international network. MMP Supply Company deals with many vendors who have multiple distribution points. These vendors are committed to shipping directly to our store owners. Furthermore, if you are not obliged to purchase your supplies through MMP, our mass purchasing power lets us to pass on savings to our owners.

The minimum capital investment required to open a Minuteman Press Franchise is $72, 700- $ 243,000. The initial franchisee fee required is $44, 500 alongside a royalty fee of 6%. Those seeking for a Franchisee opportunity will have to go through an application form that will invite you for a contract. After signing the contract you will be notified that you are entering 35-year renewable terms of Franchisee agreement.

It takes all the initiative to making you feel perfectly comfortable by assigning a dedicated franchise representative to guide you through the step by step process that goes into building a Franchise store. The representatives will assist you in site selection, location build outs, hands- on –training and more. They research areas of interest for you and bring good locations to your attention.  Their comprehensive training program serves handy to the majority of Minuteman Press Owners, who had no prior background in the industry.

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