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76ers Tickets are Up for Grabs

The 76ers tickets guarantee that your evenings will be action packed and full of fun. The Philadelphia 76ers (also called the Sixers) play for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and are a hit at the NBA (National Basketball Association).

The Beginning

Originally, the team was called Syracuse Nationals and started off in 1939. They joined the NBL in 1946 to become the eastern most team of the largely Midwest based league. They were one of the seven NBL (National Basketball League) teams to join with Basketball Association of America (which later became NBA). In 1955, the team led by forward Dolph Schayes, won the NBA championship. Soon after the Warriors left Philadelphia for San Francisco, the Nationals were shifted to Philadelphia, and were christened 76ers or the Sixers. The name was chosen after the declaration of Independence of the city in 1776. NBA has seen the team’s glory (68 -13 in 1966-67) and also their worst show (9-73 in 1972-73). Whatever was the scene, with 76ers tickets, one would be rest assured of a nail biting, edge of the seat game.

Some Notable Members

The most shinning stars like Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Moses Malone and Charles Barkley in their Philadelphia uniform, have brought forth some of the finest seasons. Other stars worth mentioning are Hal Greer, Billy Cunningham, and Maurice Cheeks, who with their feats have brought fame to the team along with themselves.

The first four years of the Sixers at Philadelphia were mostly played at the Philadelphia Arena (originally called Philadelphia ice Palace and Auditorium) and Civic Center – Convention Hall. They also had an occasional game at The Palestra at the University of Pennsylvania. The first few years were a disaster for the team, with an all time low water mark for any of the NBA franchise. The 76ers tickets were freely available. The season of 1976 – 77 is when the club roped in Julius Erving; it was a memorable season for the 76ers. Slowly, the team came out of its blues and started winning accolades. This is the era where the sale of 76ers tickets rose.

The Sixers are famous for one more thing. They have had the most uniform changes than any other team in the NBA. Contrary to the teams such as Celtics and Lakers, who have kept a relatively same uniform design since the very beginning of their franchises. Until present day, there have been about twelve variations in their uniforms. Philadelphia, one of the greatest basketball cities along with its 76ers, enjoys an important part of the league’s history and its future.

Ticket Information

The 76ers tickets like any other teams tickets are available with brokers. One can book them online in the comfort of their homes, without the hassle of standing in a line. It usually takes 6 to 24 hours for the forms to be computed. The tickets can also be booked over phone. There are many packages like single game packages, multi – game plans, full or partial season tickets and group tickets. These packages include staying, dinning, club goodies etc. depending on the package you take.

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