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5 Franchising Lies Exposed

Although franchising is widely known to offer aspiring, new business owners the best possible chance of success with the least amount of risk, there are some myths out there that can tend to alienate even the most die-hard entrepreneur.  Below, I clear up some common franchise misconceptions that will breathe new life into your goal of owning a franchise business.

Owning A Franchise Guarantees Success.  You need to get clear on the myth that by owning a franchise, you absolutely cannot fail.  That’s a crock.  There are numerous factors, both controllable and uncontrollable, that can determine the fate of your success.  However, a huge statistic is in your corner:  overall, the success rate of franchising is as high as 95%.  Of independent start-ups, on the other hand, only about 2/3 are still in business after 2 years and, sadly, less than half survive 4 years, according to the Small Business Association.  No guarantees here, but with a determined effort on your part, franchising is the obvious choice. 

Mr. Handyman, for example, a homeowners and commercial maintenance and repair franchise, has over 300 franchise units across the United States and Canada.  The Home Improvement market is huge and continues to grow, with Americans spending more money on remodeling, renovating and decorating than ever before.  The brand isn’t a household name like Mcdonalds, but this home based franchise is a highly successful one, with a much smaller investment required. 

There are hundreds of consulting type franchises that most people have never heard of by name.  Many are extremely successful, with much less overhead, than fast food or automotive franchises. 

A significant investment is involved, so the only one getting rich is the franchisor.  What a joke.  Franchisors absolutely need profitable, successful franchisees to flourish.  The fact that ongoing royalties are paid by franchisees on a regular basis indicates that a fair an equitable relationship exists between the two parties, and that the franchise is profitable.  If they weren’t, who would pay these fees?  A poor performing franchisee will not last very long.  The franchising business model is structured specifically so that both the franchisor and the franchisee succeed.

Brand Name Means Everything.  While You Cannot minimize the importance of a highly recognizable brand name, it is only part of the equation.  Brand is very significant with burger and automotive franchises.  However, there are many franchise categories, some you may not even be aware of, where the brand name clearly isn’t the main focus, but that does not translate to a lack of success.

Bigger Is Always Better.  Not true, especially in the franchising world.  Think about it:  would you rather invest every last dime you have into a fast food business, make a decent income, and deal with high turnover, high overhead, theft, worry about what is going on at your store with the brand new teenager that is working the Saturday night shift?  Or, would you prefer a home-based service franchise that costs $50,000 (or less), allows for plenty of family and free time, and generates as good or even better income than the food business?  Most potential franchisees are better suited, and would even prefer, a small franchise with limited, but highly skilled, employees.

Owning A Franchise Means You’re On Your Own.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, ultimately, whether a franchise succeeds or fails is the responsibility of the franchisee.  However, a huge benefit of being a franchisee is that there is always a support staff, provided by the franchisor, ready to help you with any issue you may encounter regarding your business.  Some offer 24-hour call centers.  You are most definitely in business for yourself, but not by yourself. 

Because the general disposition of our society tends to be negative, positive aspects regarding anything, including franchising, can become distorted.  I’ve focused on clearing up five of them here, although there are more, to be sure.  Do your research and align yourself with an experienced franchise consultant who can provide you with the necessary facts so that you’re able to make an educated decision about a specific business opportunity.

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