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Why Buy a New Car?

Why do people buy new?

The prestige of owning a new vehicle is, for the majority of people, second to none! Knowing that you have the very latest model, with all the newest innovations in car designs, is important for many-having second best simply will not do!
Apart from the prestige there are some fundamental reasons why people opt for a new rather than used car.

Buying new means you have the opportunity to choose the colour and specification you want. If you want a particular colour or paint finish these may be available at additional costs. You may have to wait slightly longer for delivery but you will get exactly what you want. ‘New’ means you do not have to make do with what’s available.

One of the biggest advantages of buying new is the peace of mind that the car has not been driven poorly or abused by anyone else. As every driver has a different way of driving there is no guarantee with a used car that it hasn’t been subjected to driving techniques which have had a detrimental effect on the vehicle.

Although the mileage will let you know how far a car has been driven, it will not tell you how it has been driven. When you buy new these factors need not be considered. You will have the satisfaction and peace of mind that the car has not been mistreated in any way. You will also know that the car has not been involved in an accident or have been continually repaired.

‘New’ means that the interior will be in immaculate condition. There will be no wear and tear on the upholstery or internal features. The car won’t smell of stale tobacco or any other unpleasant smells left by the previous owner-it will smell of fresh. clean newness which is very important for some people.

Car manufacturers give a warranty on all of their new vehicles. These are usually for three years, although this does vary. Some manufactures also give extended warranties on body work or specific parts of the car. Buying new means that you will have a vehicle which is guaranteed to perform to its specifications.

When deciding which car to buy the best option is to use a franchised dealership. They will have the best pick of the cars and offer the most comprehensive warranties. Many will also be able to deliver throughout the UK if the car you want is not currently kept or stocked at your local dealership. With some franchised dealerships it may even be possible to import a new car from Ireland, which could save you thousands of pounds.

The dealership should be members of a trade association. They are bound by its codes of conduct. Giving you the satisfaction of buying with complete confidence and assurance of the highest standards.

There are many reasons people choose to buy new rather used cars. Some are purely personal preferences, however for the majority of people buying new cars provides them with the peace of mind and satisfaction that they have the best car complete with the guarantees and warranties to give them many years of trouble free motoring.

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