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Small Business Franchise Opportunities Are Coming Straight For Us!

Small business franchise opportunities are coming straight to us and we cannot do nothing about it. The understanding of the whole small business franchise opportunity is its a traditional business where a small business owner can buy into a credible name like Lays potato chips, Taco Bell or one of those places that has numerous stands filled with candy, gum and assorted prizes for the kids. Well as a owner he or she still has to find products, vendors, suppliers, and maybe a employee or two depending on the amount of volume.

Also does anybody really make that much money with those a vending style, or big name franchises. Well look at these styles more in detail. Why a vending style franchise: The home based franchise opportunity should not limit you to just one place or area dampened by the fact if the vending units are spread all over and how can that be cost effective.

Also you have to have a truck which hold the supplies where you have to get out; load and unload the products in and out of the store then wheel heavy carts that hold the pennies, dimes, chump change and maybe if your lucky have some units that hold dollar bills. Literally you would have to have 3 or 400 of those machines to make any real money. Not to mention all the work that is involved.

The real intent of a small business franchise opportunity is yes put the hard work into it and it will pay for itself. But does that mean break your back in the process. The startup cost could be low if the vending companies are allowing you to lease the product. But to buy you have to pay a huge upfront price at the beginning. How long does it really take to see a real profit and why does not someone just start their own mom and pop store. Why a big name franchise: Yes owning your own taco bell, McDonald’s or burger king would be cool in retrospect but oh my gosh unless someone has managed or owned something of this magnitude before one cannot begin to realize how difficult this venture would be.

As a owner and part of the staff, hiring and firing, dealing with schedules, products, shipments, the list goes on and on. As a owner that had the money to invest in one might be able to have the luxury of not doing anything. But someone still has to accountable and the end of the day. The start up cost on this big name business has to be upwards in the 3-4 million dollar range and lets be honest who has that kind of money to invest into a huge food franchise. Also again when or how long does it really take to see a profit, 2 years or how about 5 years.

So why not a New Style of Franchise: How about a Small Business Franchise Opportunity representing you as the owner, the product, the vendor the supplier where you never have to leave your front steps. How about a franchise that does not have a huge amount of startup cost where you come into a program that has levels of where you start your business and no I do not mean multi-level marketing. How about a company that you could see results in as little as 30,60,90 days from now.

No again I do not mean the vending style machines I mean Wall Street style money. It does involve hard work from your home but it is your business and that’s is what you should treat it as. Therefore the hard work that is put into the other style franchises with little return on your investment or the hard work you put into the new style of franchise where the benefits will be paid for life. Which one do you prefer?

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