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Low-Cost Franchise Businesses Give Options for Buying the Right Franchise at a Cost You Can Afford

Many entrepreneurs exploring the expanding world of franchising may not have significant resources to spend on popular franchises, which can carry a price tag of several hundred thousand dollars. But there is good news for these future franchisees! Increasingly, low-cost franchise opportunities are becoming available, and these opportunities are making the dream of business ownership more accessible than ever before.

The cost of a franchise, including initial setup investment and continual expenses, varies dramatically by industry. It can range anywhere from under $50,000 for franchises including some home-based options such as personal care and business services to $200,000 -$300,000 for some auto repair franchises, up to $1,000,000 for fast food restaurants, up to $3.5 million for full service restaurants, and as high as $4 to $6 million for lodging franchises.

Despite the potential for success of many of these popular business franchises, oftentimes those seeking franchise opportunities simply do not have the money to invest. Yet, few realize that numerous franchises opportunities exist that are well within the reach of even the most modest budget. And with the explosive growth of the franchise industry, those looking to purchase a franchise are not limited by their budget to only a few business interests. recently released its 2007 list of the top 100 low-cost franchise opportunities. In order to make the list, the franchise had to offer entrepreneurs an entry option that would cost less than $50,000. While some franchises only offer “conversion options,” meaning that the potential franchisee needs already to own a business and then that business could be converted into a franchise, the list excluded these from its top 100 list.

Perhaps most surprising about the top 100 is the range of business interests represented. In fact, under-$50,000 franchises businesses are available in each of the following industries:

* Automotive
* Business Services
* Children’s Products & Services
* Financial Services
* Food/Quick Service
* Food/Retail Food Sales
* Food/Full-Service Restaurant
* Health Care
* Home-Improvement Products and Services
* Maintenance
* Person-Care Businesses
* Recreation
* Retail
* Service Businesses
* Tech Businesses
* Training

What are some low-cost franchise opportunities that are out there? Here is just a short listing of some of the many options available, along with a brief description of the product or service provided and the startup cost range.

Made in the Shade Blinds
With a total investment capital requirement of just $9,500 – $14,500, Made in the Shade Blinds is among the most affordable franchises you will find! As part of a $5.3 billion annual industry, Made in the Shade offers a home-based franchise opportunity to interested entrepreneurs. The concept is simply a window covering business, and Made in the Shade provides training, startup inventory, and a training manual to its franchisees.

360 Solutions
Do you love the world of professional business growth and management but want the support that comes with being a franchise owner? 360 Solutions may be the option for you. A unique franchise opportunity, 360 Solutions trains its franchisees to provide business consultation services to small- and medium-size businesses. By working with businesses in the areas of human resources development, customer relations management, and cash flow management, franchisees help small-and medium-size businesses achieve their full growth and profit potential. For a total investment capital of $10,000 to $30,000 360 Solutions offers training that includes “360 University,” marketing action plans, and a coaching and business growth specialists network.

SeaMaster Cruises
Do you love the cruising lifestyle? If so, what could be better than owning and operating your own cruising franchise business? SeaMaster Cruises combines the best of luxury lifestyle with a lucrative business opportunity. Affiliated with the Carlson Travel Network Associates, Inc., a member of the Carlson Companies, SeaMaster Cruises offers a home-based business opportunity in an industry that has experienced an average annual growth rate of 8.4% since 1980. With the incredible income-potential available in this industry, it’s hard to believe the total capital investment for a SeaMaster Cruises franchise is only $9,500. If cruising is your passion, SeaMaster Cruises may be just the way to turn your passion into your vocation.

CD One Price Cleaners
If you want a low-cost franchise that offers a service constantly in demand, then what could be better than a laundry and dry-cleaning franchise? And if you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that you can start for NO COST, then what could be better than CD One Price Cleaners?

This Chicago-area franchise offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own CD One Price Cleaners business at no cost! That’s right. The company provides all of the funding for your startup business by handling site location, store construction, and equipment and inventory purchasing – in essence, investing over $500,000 into your business. Then, CD One Price Cleaners puts you as the franchisee on a “manage-to-own” path. Currently located only in the greater Chicago area, CD One Price Cleaners currently has plans to open additional stores in 2007 and 2008. So if you’re looking for the ultimate in a low no-cost franchise, take a closer look at CD One-Price Cleaners.

As you can see, low-cost franchise opportunities abound in many industries. From home improvement and business services to luxury cruises, the options for purchasing a low-cost business franchise are varied, indeed. With determination and a bit of research, there is no doubt that you can find the low-cost franchise opportunity that is right for you!

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