Franchise Business Plan Pdf

franchise business plan pdf

How To Get Online In 48 Hours Or Less

What is the life blood of you business?  Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Your business is doomed to failure if you do not get leads or referrals. When you opened your business you where full of dreams. However, you soon understood that you had to have a way to generate leads. If you own a brick and mortar business you must generate leads. If you own an online business you must generate leads. If you are in sales you must generate leads. There are magazines that you could put ads in, you can send out postcards, radio, television and the dying local newspaper. This article will help you to understand how to use the internet in generation your own leads independent of a franchise, online or offline affiliation. You will discover how you can do this. It is not difficult, but does take some application of time. This author has used these techniques to create leads that have generated of dollars thousands in sales.

First, the web site you want. Thousands of designers can create a website for you. Few really understand how to capture a lead from that site. I have a friend that spent $4,000.00 on a website and had no way to know if a prospect even had the smallest interest . This article will help you avoid those kids of dollar burning mistakes. Your website must have the ability to capture information from a prospect. This is done by giving a prospect something free in exchange for the information you want. Here is how it is done. You are in funeral pre-need sales and you prepare a free report on the things to remember when planning a funeral. The prospect wants the report and gives you the required information and then is directed to the next page of your website. You now know that you have prospect that wants to hear from you. This is done using an op-in box that was created using an auto responder.

An auto responder is a tool that enables you to market to any prospect for as long as you want until the prospect decides to unsubscribe to your emails. This is the basis for an email marketing campaign. If for instance, you own a restaurant you could send out coupons at 11:30am for your Tuesday lunch special. If you are a general contractor you could send pictures of the latest styles in remodeling or home building. Your website must not simply be another static site it must engage your prospect and this engagement takes place in the ad copy.

Ad copy? Ad copy is the words that you use to engage your prospect. This is the subject can make or break a site. Words in the English language are actually small movie screens in our minds. When you read about shark attacks you may see in your minds eye the things that would be present at the time of the attack, like blood. Read about how a wedding was so beautiful with the music playing and the bride gliding down the aisle and you can see her walking down the aisle. Ad copy is what a prospect reads. If you do a search online you can find a PDF on this if you search the word triggers by Joe Sugarman. Have you  heard of Blue blockers?Then you have seen his work. How do you get a website?  

Websites are hosted by a variety of companies and most do a great job. Find one that you can change and publish your site as many times as you want without additional fees. A basic website should have a video or at least a picture of yourself. This will help your prospect feel more at ease with you. Your website should have a call to action that makes your prospect want to get something in exchange for their information and yes there should be the opportunity to buy something. Remember you are in the business of helping others by selling your product, and without leads being generated you business will not survive.

About the Author

Allan Ellis lives in Arizona with his wife and family. He has a son in the U.S. Marine Corp. Ellis is an internet marketeer see his personal branding techniques at Allan Ellis Online