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Singapore Retail Franchise That Creates Animal Land

Nobody knows great kids’ concepts better than the kids themselves. And it only takes a mom’s intuitive eye and belief on their child to transform a great concept to a successful business venture.

In one of the Dees annual family trek, Belinda noticed how her kids would rave about a unique “create your own stuffed toys” shop in the United States. She would notice how kids and kids at heart would flock to the store and go home happy with an “adopted” animal or two that they themselves created.

It only took her some pencil pushing to realise how much potential the concept holds as a possible business venture. In no time, Belinda was talking to the top honchos of the brand and finding ways how to bring the concept to the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia.

It did not take long before she opened Animaland at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall before Christmas of 2005. The concept became a huge hit and soon more Animaland shops were set up in the top malls of the country.

Animaland is a rapidly growing chain of mall-based entertainment retail stores and kiosks located in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Philippines and now in Singapore. Patronage of Animaland is an experience that allows guests to make and dress their own personalised stuffed toy animals.

The concept capitalises on the growing demand for experienced-based shopping, as well as the universal appeal of the stuffed toy animal. The products and services cater to all age groups and demographics, but the majority of the guests are children, parents, grandparents and teenagers.

The Animaland Business Franchise Opportunities

A typical Animaland shop is a stuffed animal friend theme designed with original fixtures and brightly coloured graphics. The shop size is anywhere between a 15 square meter kiosk to a 40 square meter small inline unit.

Animaland believes that its interactive experience is unmatched in today’s Singapore retail franchise environment. The act of putting together a new stuffed animal friend provides guests with the opportunity to participate in the retail experience, which is a unique and exceptional approach to the growing world of entertainment retail.

Why Invest in Animaland Business Franchise?

Animaland is a fun and interactive business that is easy to manage and monitor. “It has a unique and innovative concept with low investment package and comprehensive training provided,” said Ms Hsien Naidu, Founder and Director of business consulting firm for Animaland. The firm consists of franchise consultants, business consultants, branding consultants and marketing consultants who are experts in bringing growth to businesses. Animaland business franchise involves lower operating cost and fast ROI. There is continuous revision and update of the products and services through regular communication with all franchises through Operations Manager. Animaland provides the following support:

– Supply of authentic Animaland merchandise from the US

– Operational Oversight

– Marketing

– Site Selection

– Start-up inventory assistance

– Comprehensive training

Animaland is set to develop and share their franchise business concept with investors seeking Singapore franchise opportunities through Singapore retail franchise for their business investments.

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