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Home Business Tips – Why Internet Marketing Membership Sites Are Good Value

If you have never used one, internet marketing membership sites might seem expensive, although much depends on your basis for comparison. Expensive compared to what? A membership fee of $21 monthly is expensive compared to a paperback novel, but not to a meal for two or even to what you earn in a day by following the home business tips it provides you with.

What you have to consider is what you get for your money. Let’s consider four different ways of spending $21 every month, analyze them and then determine which offers the best value for money when compared to the home business tips you get from a good marketing membership site. I won’t make the value judgment: you can do that. We shall consider them together on the basis of entertainment value, educational value, satisfaction and cost. What else is there? Here is my four, but you might have another four, so use yours if you prefer. However, the $21 spent on a marketing membership site must be included as one of your four.

A Cheap Meal for Two

Probably a MacDonalds or KFC for you and your partner. Depends on your favorite meal from these franchises, and whether or not you get fries and coke – perhaps just a medium coke, but definitely not a large one for that price. Your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner might think you a bit of a cheapskate, but you can always tell them it’s an experiment in the best value for money. Make sure to keep enough back for the tips.

Go Bowling

You can go bowling with a friend and perhaps even buy a soft drink. You will have a great time, and return home thinking it money well spent. It might very well be since bowling teaches you good hand-eye coordination. And you don’t have to worry about the tips – unless you have to get a cab to the alley of course! Not much left for your game after that, so perhaps you will both have to walk!

Rent a Video

You can rent a video – two actually, and a huge box of popcorn, and think you are at the movies. $21 won’t actually get the two of you to the movies of course, but the video on your wide-screen plasma TV will be just as good. $21 dollars well spent – the best possible way in fact! You might even afford a tub of ice cream – or perhaps not. $21 isn’t that much money. A very satisfying way to spend an evening – and $21.

Internet Marketing Membership Site

Not so much fun is it? Or is it? Every month you get new stuff to do and to work on, and some great home business tips. That is one expense you don’t have to worry about – the tips, and there is no traveling involved. The one amazing thing about this is that it costs you $21 but you seem to get more money coming into your bank account than that! Must be the money fairy at work again!

So, which would you go for? I prefer the MacDonalds but if I am honest with myself, if I went for option 4 I could afford to do all the other 3 every week for free – as many times a week as I wanted. I don’t quite know how that works, so it must be the money fairy again!

It’s a pity nobody mentioned the ball game in the list above, but then again that costs more than $21. However, I suppose that I might be able to afford ball games if the internet marketing membership site worked. Somebody I read about even bought his own football team from his internet earnings so I suppose that I might be able to do that.

It all sounds like fantasy, doesn’t it? Well actually, no. It is fact. Internet marketing has enabled many people to realize their dreams, but first they had to learn how to go about it, just as you have to, and that is why marketing membership sites exist. To help people like you become people like them. Membership sites go beyond the cheap eBooks or videos showing you how to become rich overnight (Ha!Ha!)

So don’t try to equate marketing membership sites with these other ways of spending money: they are there to enable you to use these ways of spending money – as often as you want to.

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