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Football Hype With Houston Texans Tickets

For those who want to experience the thrill and excitement of cutting edge football, you can’t get closer than with Houston Texans tickets. For a team that started out as an expansion team, the Texans are now seen as a team with the most potential in the NFL.

The Houston Texans are part of the National Football League and are affiliated to the AFC South and the American Football League. The Texans currently have no league, division or conference wins to their name, primarily because they are still a very new team.

From Hockey To Football

In 1997, a man by the name of Bob McNair was hoping to bring a hockey team to Houston- at that time football was not on his mind at all. He was hoping to bring an expansion team to Houston, but was unable to due to the lack of facilities. Instead, he decided to buy an existing franchise and move it to Houston. He was interested in the Edmonton Oilers, who were going through a rough patch.

However, Bud Adams changed the story a bit after he won approval to move the Houston Oilers to Tennessee. Houston was suddenly faced with the prospect of having no football team, at least for the next ten years. It was at that time that McNair decided to try for a football team instead. After a series of concerted efforts, in 1999 Houston was awarded the 32nd franchise in the NFL and in 2002, the team was finally ready to hit the field.

Carr And Controversies

Houston was ready to see their football team hit the field and Houston Texans tickets were selling fast since everyone wanted to be out there to support them. The fans were not disappointed- there was a lot of talent in the team, particularly in one player known as David Carr. Apart from that, the Texans were quickly breaking a number of records as an expansion team. They became the second expansion team in history to win their first game, the first expansion team to win their first two opening games and were also noticed for having sent more players to Pro Bowl than any other expansion team.

By now, Houston Texans tickets were a hot product as fans were lining up to see when the Texans would begin to deliver the big wins. The team seemed to be making good progress and Carr was looking to be the face of the Texans. However things seemed to get rocky for the team by 2004 when the team kept coming up short. Even the great Carr began to be booed off the field as fans became increasingly frustrated at the team’s performance. By 2005, things still hadn’t improved and rumors spread that the Texans were trying to end up on the bottom so they would have first dibs on Reggie Bush.

As expected, the Texans did wind up on the bottom but they stunned the football world by choosing Mario Williams instead. Speculation has been rife as to whether this is a bad decision and many football fans have been getting their Houston Texans tickets in order to see what happens. You can order yours too with an authorized ticket vendor by going online.

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