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Are you a woman? Are you looking for franchise opportunities? If your answers to those two questions were both yes, then look no further, at least not for the next few minutes, because this article is unapologetically for you. Below is a list of some of the best business opportunities for ladies interested in breaking out on their own and making it big.

Maid Service Franchises

It may seem a little insulting at first that every list of women’s franchises begins with a slew of maid services, but in all honesty, it’s a highly profitable business that really is dominated by women. Two of the biggest names in the industry today are Molly Maid and Maid 2 Clean. The first of the two may be a bit more well known. If you haven’t seen a little purple automobile cruising around town with the Molly Maid logo plastered on the side, you simply haven’t been paying attention, because they’re everywhere. It’s a highly respected name that by itself is guaranteed to get any new franchisee a solid client base. Maid 2 Clean isn’t yet as big a name as its competitor yet (having only been in the market since 1993), but with a simpler charm and a simpler system, it is building a good reputation for itself with franchisees and clients alike.

If you tend to go for larger-scale businesses, however, there is an alternative to both of these. Jani-King is one of the nation’s leading commercial cleaning franchises, attending to the janitorial needs of businesses all over the UK.

Photography Franchises

Everyone like a good photo, and most of us also like to take a good photo, but for some reason, photography is another field that is heavily populated by women. Whether it’s the tender, personal touch or the artistic eye that a lady brings to the table, one of the best photography opportunities for a skilled woman is a Little Angels Children’s Photography franchise. In all likelihood, it’s probably the combination of both artistry and tenderness that make women so successful in this business. Clients want not only someone who can take a great picture, but also someone who they trust with their child, their most precious possession.

Not all women love working with cameras and kids, though, some prefer to work solely with the cameras. And for such a woman as that, Red Hot Camera provides a great alternative. In a lucrative housing market, real estate photography is always in demand, and with this franchise’s patented telescopic camera mount, this home-based franchise is also always in demand.

Clothing Store Franchises

Women’s clothing is often better sold by women, because they know what women are looking for and what looks good on a lady. Whether you’re looking to sell clothes or footwear, here are the franchises for you: Pauline May and Shoes Glorious Shoes. Specializing in clothing for elderly women, Pauline May is special in that it is a work-from-home business that delivers top-notch clothing without the need for a storefront. Sales are made at client homes or online. For the woman who wants a store, however, Shoes Glorious Shoes is right for you. With the right combination of management skills, knack for sales, and overwhelming passion for shoes, you could be well on your way to a very successful business.

Odds and Ends

The fact that you’re a woman, however, doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll fall into “normal” feminine businesses. For that reason, here are some work-at-home alternatives for the female outliers. Cardgroup Greetings is a greeting card company that’s quickly gaining ground in the industry, providing retail outlets with cards that have a hand-crafted look and an easy return policy. Essential Healthcare gives you the power and know-how, as well as the van, to best give your clients the medical equipment they need to ensure optimum care for their patients. And one of the more novel business models available is found with AskAMI, a business that sets up touch-screen computer modules in local hotels that give guests quick access to all the local attractions and events that they can go out and see while they’re in town. They may not be ordinary by some definitions, but these three can certainly be just as engaging and profitable as any of the other choices.

As always, I want to end by saying that these are not all of your options. Most women tend toward businesses like these, but there are also benefits to getting into a market that is not yet heavily populated by women. Though it may be difficult to break into some male-dominated industries, there are undoubtedly scores of people who would gladly champion, and therefore financially support, the female competitor. Your gender can be a leveraging tool either utilizing or opposing the public’s expectations, and depending on how you market it, either way can work, so don’t be afraid to use everything at your disposal, any way you can.

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