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Starting a business is a daunting task because it requires huge investments. There will be high risk in this type of business; chance of loss is very high. Financial risk is reduced significantly in the case of starting a new franchise business. Cost of starting franchises are very low, resources needed for running the business is minimum and can be reduced even more. Finance Select UK franchise is only £6595 for example.

There are many franchises in UK, Trash Express, Clean Machine, Finance Select are just some that are advertised on the Franchise Select UK website. Some are low cost and some are high cost franchises. While considering the franchises in UK, there are various things to be taken into account.

Go for a franchise that has proved its place in the market and is a highly reputed one. Check whether the franchise is following the rules and regulations imposed by British government. Franchise should follow the rules of British Franchise Association. Discuss with the people who are already running the franchise and find out their way of operation. Study whether the franchisor is interacting with them for improving their business. For example, Trash Express franchise or Clean Machine franchise, you can spend a day with one of the current franchisee’s to see how they work on a day to day basis.

Find the cost needed for building up the franchise and also the resources required. Make a note of monthly charges imposed by the franchisor. Franchisor may charge for several issues for example charges for advertisement, charges for supplying the goods etc. Also there are certain franchises that don’t charge fee’s, but charge for goods or services, like Trash Express you will only pay for bags and bins which you need to buy anyway. Clean Machine you only pay for cleaning materials, again which you need. All these and many more franchises can be found on the Franchise Select UK website.

The main thing is the franchise agreement; there should be a standard legal agreement between the franchisor and the franchisee. All the agreements made should be rechecked by an experienced person in the franchising field.

There are various franchises that can be operated easily for example Clean Machine franchise, Finance Select UK which can be run by a single person. There are even bouncy castle franchises like Bounce World which can be run from home by just one person.


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