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Leading Franchises in the U.k. 2008

The U.K market is overflowing with numerous franchise companies most of whom have remarkable records of success in the recent past and the year 2008 was not an exception. It is therefore a rather difficult task to identify a click of leading franchises in the U.K. A press release by the republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland master franchise rights opportunity with FDS in November 2008 is the closest ranking we have on the leading franchises in the U.K.


This is an organization that seeks to award the simultaneous master franchise rights for the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It works in tandem with the Norwich U.K (PRWEB) which is another leading franchise consultancy and publishing companies.


This report is based on the findings of a study carried out by the U.K based FDS. It ascertains that there exist over one thousand companies that offer franchise services in the entire United Kingdom. It recognized well over fifty-one thousand company owned and about eighty three thousand retail outlets, restaurants and offices all over the country owned by franchisees.

The above is a representation of a mega variety of retail, food, beverage, and business services opportunities for persons who may not have business foundations to be self employed. Caution is however appropriate to anyone who may be interested in purchasing into the franchise opportunities and establishments as just about three hundred out all these are registered with the British Franchise Association (BFA)


Is an organization that operates of self set policies which has so far done an excellent job of guiding potential investors to acquire credible franchises? All potential investors are therefore advised to sign up membership with the BFA. This will guarantee success in the member’s franchises. History has it that over 90% of the member franchisees have always been successful.

Statistics also show that way more than eighty percent of franchisees investing in a non member franchise do fail to become profitable even after a period of three years. This is enough proof in my opinion to convince potential investors of the safety in BFA membership.


This offers potential investors an opportunity to start their own businesses. The perfect starting point is obtaining a copy of the franchise magazine. This can be found with the whsmith borders or on line at The Franchisemagazine.net. After getting this, you can visit the ukfranchisedirectory.net for a chance to view details of franchisors currently looking for franchisees in the UK market
The franchise magazine is a publication of the FDS. It contains details of over one hundred genuine business formats as well as franchises such as McDonalds, rosemary Conley diet and fitness clubs, papa john’s, pizza hut, prontaprint, Cadbury’s snack in the box, signs express, molly maid, janiking, coffee republic, and work2go among many other emerging launches including private health franchise samedaydoctor.

Grouping U.K’s leading franchises may not be the easiest task you sure are safe starting with the BFA and the FDS reports for a secure franchise in the UK.

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