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Staying at Home for Fun & Profit

If you have experience in business, management or a background in sales and marketing and are looking for an opportunity to use that experience to create a six-figure income in your first year, the Emerald Passport opportunity may be the best option you can choose.

I am introducing a simple business model that is designed to create a massive success in the hands of any ambitious individual.

• A marketing system that will make the business experience easy, simple and profitable.

• A very hands-on, interactive training system that will have you up and running in your business the day you get started.

• A follow-up and support system that constantly supplies you with new ideas, and helps you overcome any sticking points you might encounter.

Extensive time and resources have been invested to make this the very best and most cost-effective way for the right candidates to get into this high-paying and very much in-demand business. And as an organization we are very aggressively looking for the right people – people who want to start their own businesses and use their experience in tandem with our extensive training program to create significant incomes and lifestyles for themselves in a highly lucrative and prestigious profession.


To be specific, here are the kinds of people we’re looking for – someone who:

Doesn’t want to be trapped in a corporate environment.

Enjoys working for themselves and calling their own shots in their very own business.

Wants to pick and choose the kinds of people they work with.

Wants to name their own hours and be in control of the amount of money they earn.

Doesn’t want a restrictive or binding contract or to pay huge franchise fees to get started.

Doesn’t want to be penalized for their success by paying ongoing monthly royalty fees.

Wants a complete “paint-by-the-numbers” system that gets predictable and measurable results time after time.

Is looking for comprehensive training, expert help and follow-up support.

Wants to work from home or an office (their choice), and have no inventory, overhead or employees.

If this sounds like you, then you need to learn about Emerald Passport Inc. opportunity. Our philosophy is simple, and is based on these premises:

First, the market for our product is huge. Read the Forbes article supplied for greater understanding .

Second, with our marketing and distribution approach being so advanced in this day and age, we have a competitive edge over the any kind of competition, large or small.

Third, the EPI opportunity provides yet, another solution – a solution that allows you to use the people and business skills you have spent years to develop and then couple it with a systematic approach to serve the starving market that is desperately looking for help. It’s a very rewarding (both in satisfaction as well as financially) position to be in.


There is a vast army of good men and women who have valuable experience in business, but have taken early retirement or have been downsized, cut back or laid off from their jobs. They want to work and use their business experience, but either can’t find employment at all, or can’t find employment that will pay them what they were previously earning.

Or, perhaps they’ve sold a business and are now looking for something to do with their experience. It could even be that they’re just fed up with corporate life or working for someone else, and using their hard-earned experience to make someone else wealthy.

In frustration these folks often begin looking at franchises such as sub-sandwich or ice cream shops, mailing centers, hair-cutting salons, maid or janitorial services, and the like. It’s not really what they want to do, the investment is often substantial and the hours are long, but it seems like a solution to their situation.

I have no idea what your motivation or your current situation is, how much money you want to make and what hours you want to put in.

But this I do know. if you are interested – I mean REALLY interested in creating a business for yourself – a business where you are in total control – a business that doesn’t cost you a fortune to get started, a business that requires absolutely NO ongoing monthly royalties, no sales quotas and overhead- then you really need to take a close look at the Emerald Passport opportunity.

Our goal and commitment to each of our associates is to help you earn a solid full time income within the next 30-60 days or earlier. Check around – there’s not another franchise or income opportunity that has that kind of potential. In many cases, our associates have started to earn a serious full time income within 10 days after training, utilizing the ‘Training Centre’ materials or the live help we’ve provided them.


The Emerald Passport Inc is said to have the single, most exceptional opportunity out of any of the income opportunities being offered today – and it is our goal to prove it to you.

There are just three simple steps that you need to take at this time to get on the road to success with others here at Emerald Passport Inc

To your success

About the Author

Vladimir Blagonic was born in Croatia. He was one of six children, raised in a fairly large village. His family made a living on a small family farm of some 30 hectares, containing beautiful landscape. His education in Croatia consisted of three stages: first a small village School, then a larger school in town, and finally a Trade School. Upon arriving in Australia he continued education at TAFE completing his High school certificate.

The last chapter in his education is still continuing in the form of self-development: Now he attends seminars, listens to tapes and CD’s, watches DVS, listens to many personal development calls, as well as receiving and giving coaching and mentoring.

From an early age life was challenging in an environment which hardly compares to being raised in the 21st century in Australia, USA, or the rest of the Western World. This challenge he met by dedicating his energy and times to assist others in achieving their dreams.