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Everyone Has Time For This Exercise Program

What’s the number one excuse women give for not exercising? “Not enough time.”

Whether you are a student, mom, career woman, grandma, or any combination of these, chances are that you don’t take enough time for yourself. You give your time to your husband, children, friends, employer, your home, and give yourself the leftovers. The problem is, there isn’t much time left over. That’s why so many women are finding 30-minute exercise programs to be the answer they are looking for.

“I joined because I can get my whole workout done in half an hour” said Deverl Shippy, a member at Pick Up The Pace in Nampa. “At a regular gym, you have to wait for the machines you want and end up spending an hour and a half, or longer, before you feel like you did anything. Thirty minutes fits my schedule much better.”

Our doctors tell us we should exercise, and we know we should, but the idea of heading to the gym for an hour or two just isn’t feasible for most of us. And if we try to develop a program at home, we find too many distractions. After five minutes on the treadmill, we remember the load of clothes in the washer waiting for the dryer. The floor needs to be mopped. The dishwasher should be emptied. The baby starts crying. Dinner should be started. Your list goes on and on.

Most health clubs offering a 30-minute workout are similar in that they provide a combination of strength training and aerobic exercise, referred to as ‘circuit training’. In thirty minutes you will work all the major muscle groups in your body, as well as improving your cardiovascular health. This is good news for busy women.

The circuit consists of hydraulic machines and aerobic stations arranged in a circular pattern. Participants rotate around the circle, moving to the next station when prompted by a cue CD. There is no designated starting point or time. You join the circuit whenever you arrive, and exit the circuit when you have completed your workout.

The half-hour workout will burn between 411 and 824 calories, depending on the effort you put into it. In addition to the calories burned each time you do the workout, you are improving your metabolism by adding lean muscle tissue, which will help your body burn more fat and keep it off.

But time isn’t the only benefit to the women’s only club format.

“I feel comfortable with the all-women atmosphere” said Shontel Jarvis of Nampa. “The camaraderie between the ladies makes it fun. I don’t feel like I need to impress anyone. I can come after just getting out of bed and they’re still glad to see me.” Shontel is happy with the results she’s seeing as well. In less than three months, she’s dropped 28 pounds and has lost 19 inches. “The benefits of exercise are going to last me a lifetime.”

The half-hour program is enough for most women. Those who want more are encouraged to exercise longer or supplement their routine with additional cardio programs such as walking. As always, before starting any exercise plan, consult with your physician.

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