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A Security System for Fitness Institutions in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg

When fitness institutions seek the best commercial security systems in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg for use in their own business, it would be wise for them to check out the Anytime Fitness security system. After all, Anytime Fitness is not only the largest 24-hour co-ed fitness club in the world but also the fastest-growing franchised fitness club worldwide. It follows that it would trust only the best from among many commercial security systems available in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg. It should be noted that the Anytime Fitness security system comes from ProVision Security Solutions.

Effective commercial security systems should deter theft; monitor the security and safety of clients, management and staff; and alert the company and the authorities in case of emergencies. All these are covered by the ProVision Security Solutions.

ProVision Security Solutions offers a complete access control package that combines sophisticated hardware and software in a  foolproof, safe and convenient system that is easy to manage and easy to use by the facility’s clients.

Access control is achieved in doorways with the requirement of access cards or key fobs that have to be held to a proximity reader. Only authorized persons equipped with such access cards or key fobs can gain entry. Information stored in the access card or key fob is transmitted to a controller unit that, in turn, transmits the information to the onsite computer’s access control software. If the validity of the card or key is confirmed, the signal to allow entry is given to the controller unit which triggers a mechanism in the doorway enabling the person to enter.

If the fitness institution so prefers, a tailgate detection system can also be activated at this point, allowing only the card or key holder to enter the facility. Any additional person who attempts to enter with the card or key holder will trigger an audible alarm. The entire incident is recorded on a digital video recorder, identifying the persons who have made the unauthorized entry, as well as the card or key holder who had been tailed.

This feature has been proven effective at Anytime Fitness, where it has solved the problem of non-members gaining unauthorized entry behind legitimate members.

Whereas entry points require electrical devices, exit points are marked by mechanical devices. The significance of this is that any loss of electrical power will not bar anyone from leaving the facility.

Video surveillance cameras strategically placed around the fitness facility provide 24 hour monitoring that is duly recorded and archived. Real time footage may also be viewed by authorized persons at any time from anywhere around the world through any computer with an internet connection. This provides a major deterrent to theft and other crimes, including vandalism, as well as against false liability claims.

ProVision security systems are multi-zone. The 24 hour zone is constantly armed. This includes a wireless panic button that can be worn as a necklace. Pressing the button alerts the 24 hour monitoring center of an emergency. It then alerts the authorities and contacts the facility.

The burglary zone is armed whenever activated by the institution. It covers wireless door contacts, motion detectors and glass break detectors.

Fire and smoke detectors and temperature sensors may also be integrated into the system for a more comprehensive monitoring coverage.

The complete integration of ProVision Security Solutions also includes digital storage of member agreements with the ability for instant updates such as demographic changes and payment transactions, and full interface with the point of sale system.

The Anytime Fitness security system is indeed the best example for commercial security systems in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg. What more could other fitness institutions ask for?

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