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Thom Collier Earns The Watchdog Of The Treasury Award

Recently, Thom Collier, former state representative and candidate for state senate in Ohio’s 19th district, was awarded the “Watchdog of the Treasury” award by the United Conservatives of Ohio for the 127th General Assembly.  This award is given to a small number of legislators who stand up for fiscal responsibility and elimination of government waste.  This is the second time Thom Collier has received the “Watchdog of the Treasury” award.

“I am proud to receive the ‘Watchdog of the Treasury’ award.  When I was voted into the state legislature, I made saving taxpayer dollars a priority in Columbus,” Thom Collier stated.  “During a time when Ohio and the nation are facing record budget deficits and out of control spending, it will be crucial that citizens have state legislators that take a stand to reduce the government burden on the average taxpayer.”

As a fiscal conservative, Thom Collier also won an overwhelming endorsement from the Knox County Republican Party when he garnered 75% of the vote.  His belief that state spending must be reined in, and his concern for fiscal responsibility, or in other words, his view that the state government should operate within its means, was surely part of this endorsement victory.

As a state representative for 8 years, Thom Collier built an impressive conservative record.  His bold tax policies included introducing legislation to eliminate the Ohio income tax, helping eliminate the corporate franchise and tangible personal property tax, and cutting the income tax of every Ohioan by 21 percent.

The award was presented the morning of February 24, 2010, in Columbus by the United Conservatives of Ohio, which stands for responsible spending of taxpayer dollars, reducing government waste, and supporting a free market-based economic system.

Thom Collier first decided to enter public service several years ago after an incident when municipal leaders casually dismissed his requests for help with a simple drainage problem.  Thom and his wife, Diane, have been married 17 years and have two daughters, Cathern, 15, and Natoli, 10. Thom Collier is a leader in his church and has also been a small business owner for 27 years.

Paid for by the committee to elect Thom Collier, Kelly Schermerhorn, Treasurer, 607 East High Street, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050. For more information about Thom Collier, visit

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