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Top 5 Food Franchise Business Opportunities For 2009

Top 5 Food Franchise Business Opportunities For 2009

Food franchises are the iconic picture of a franchise and, believe it or not, have actually been one of the minute few industries that have shown growth during our recent recession. Before you make the assumption that food franchises are invincible, understand that they have gained the recession-resistant status through the hard work of building strong brand names and products that appease the American appetite without devouring the American wallet. From the classic fast-food titans to the up-and-comers of the food franchise world, you’re sure to find that every one of these food franchises can tame your customer’s appetite and earn a sizeable income for you and your investors. Here’s a quick look at the top 10 food franchises currently available.

5. Samurai Sam’s Teriyaki Grill

With the growing trend of teriyaki restaurants quickly sweeping the country, the market is ripe for the picking for anyone with a streamlined, branded teriyaki restaurant that can offer consistent quality across several locations. Samurai Sam’s Teriyaki Grill has seen this void in the market and is set to capitalize on it. If you have the taste for teriyaki and would love to get on the ground floor of what could potentially be the next big thing in food franchises, take a closer look at the business plan and quality products that Samurai Sam’s Teriyaki Grill has to offer.

4. Great Harvest Bread

A food as old as civilization, truly great bread is still often hard to come by. For those who crave whole grain breads in a variety of mixtures and flavors, Great Harvest Bread offers healthy and tasty alternatives to the bleached and over-processed breads commonly found in grocery stores. In addition to tasty breads, Great Harvest Bread franchisees will benefit from what Great Harvest calls the “freedom franchise.” This franchise model allows each individual franchisee to take the foundation of great bread recipes and build their own business with very few limitations, creating the feel of a “mom and pop” small business, while retaining the support and strong track record of one of the country’s largest and most successful bread outfits.

3. Bruegger’s Bakery and Cafe

A good sandwich, a great cup of coffee and a bowl of hot soup; who could ask for a better lunch? The average working American often seeks out a lunch that is fresh, somewhat healthy, yet not too expensive, and this is where Bruegger’s Bakery and Cafe really makes its mark. Their products are made with all natural ingredients and will undoubtedly appease the appetite of plenty of clients, while providing a lunch that won’t break the bank.

2. The Great Steak & Potato Company

Few foods are more American than meat and potatoes, and it’s the simplicity of this perennial favorite that makes it such a hit with consumers. From fresh cut fries to tasty philly cheeses teaks, The Great Steak & Potato Company offers a great meal at a good price and is currently looking for interested franchisees who can take their simply yet delectable products to malls, shopping centers and storefronts all over the country.

1. Carl’s Jr.

When you’re craving a great burger, few things will quell your mighty hunger, and Carl’s Jr. has reinvented the wheel time and time again to produce some of the tastiest burgers available in the fast food arena. Their “six-dollar burger” combines premium beef with goodies like bacon, guacamole, swiss cheese, and just about any other great burger topping you can think of. With over 3000 locations already all over the country, they’re ready to take on more franchisees and spread further throughout the country, bringing burger bliss that’s a cut above the competition to their customers.

You’ve probably heard of at least a couple franchises on this list, but don’t discount the lesser know choices in favor of the well-known brands. While the big names are nearly guaranteed to find quick success, they often come with a much higher price tag. Additionally, the lesser known up-and-comers could be tomorrow’s Arby’s or Carl’s Jr., so make your decision wisely. Whether you choose the long-standing champs or one of the more “rookie” franchises, you’re sure to find success if you follow the franchisors guidelines and run your business well, according to the training provided by the franchisor. For more details you can visit us

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