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The Bengals actually trace their history way back in time when Paul Brown won a franchise to field a team in the American Football League. This team was then known as the Browns. Paul Brown was able to take his team to a large number of consecutive wins and became a force to recon with in the AFL.

Paul Brown acquired quite a reputation on the circuit as a person who brought a fresh approach to the game. In particular, he brought new insights to training, planning and to many technical aspects. However, in 1961, Paul Brown sold the majority stake in the team to Art Modell and then began the second chapter in Paul Brown’s life that actually culminated in the arrival of the Cleveland Bengals.

Even though Art Modell and Paul Brown were co-owners, Art Modell did not agree with many of the methods that Paul used. As a result, there was an acrimonious parting of ways and it ended when Art Modell fired Paul Brown.

It took several years before Brown decided to dabble in professional football again. It was only in 1966 that Paul was convinced when governer Rhodes said that Ohio needed a second team. That is how the Cincinnati Bengals were born.

The Bengals were a known team that had played in Cincinnati in the 1940s. Folklore has it that Brown used the exact same shade of Orange used by his former team. Some say that he did it to get back at Art Modell. Whatever be the reason behind the colours chosen, they did prove lucky for the Bengals. Another aside to the story is provided by the merger of AFL with the NFL. When this merger was completed, the two Cleveland Browns and the Bengals were placed in the same league. This has given rise to a rivalry that is alive till today.

Another unusual story associated with Paul Brown is his skill at selecting players who can best be described as uncut diamonds. He also looked for players with an intelligence quotient that was well above average. In fact, the number of Bengals players who went on to get a carreer in commenting, broadcasting and (surprisingly) in fine arts is amazing. Paul Brown may have been unconventional and a taskmaster, but he knew his job well.

In recent years, the Bengals have outgrown their rivalry with the Cleveland Browns and have become major rivals of the Pittusburgh Steelers. In recent years, the teams have played against each other extensively and fans enjoy the on field and off field rivalry that has developed of late.

Any football fan would be cazy about the Bengals. With their rich history and controversies, the team has done its founder Paul Brown proud. Most fans keep a close track of the years’ football calendar and circle the dates when the Bengals come out to play. A large number, however, are saddened when they cannot get the tickets that they want. The best way to avoid that is by getting tickets on line. On-line ticketing ensures that your tickets are obtained in time, economically and that you get the best options.
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