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Getvideophone.com Helps Make Telephoning Fun, Affordable and Profitable

GetVideoPhone.com Helps Make Telephoning Fun, Affordable and Profitable through their $99 Videophone Offer

GetVideophone has revolutionized telephoning. Through their IRIS 2000 Videophone, a person is given the ability to see who they are talking to during the conversation. However, unlike other videophones, GetVideophone’s phone works through the Internet. With this setup a person is not limited to using the phone on their own landline. As long as the location is equipped with a high-speed Internet connection, the phone can be used anywhere in the world.

To make things even better, GetVideophone is offering the IRIS 2000 videophone for $99. If a person were to get the phone separately, they would have to pay $265 to $512. Such a cost doesn’t include how much one would have to pay for the actual service needed to get the phone to work. Yet, if a person decides to take advantage of what GetVideophone has to offer, they would only have to pay the service fee, (which is U$28.99 a month).

It should be noted that a person does not sacrifice quality when getting their IRIS 2000 videophone for $99. The phone itself contains 16 calling features, making it more powerful than any other videophone on the market. It also has a screen resolution of 11.4 by 8.9. Additionally, the phone can fold down flat, making it more portable and works any where in the world.

As far as the service associated with the phone, basically a person can get unlimited long distance calls anywhere in North America (including Puerto Rico & Hawaii). They also use GetVideophone’s service to replace their existing analog telephone line. The IRIS 2000 Videophone comes with a phone jack in the back that allows users to plug their home phone into the Videophone allowing the use of their current phone equipment.

Getvidephone.com can help people save money on other communication services too. The company offers high-speed Internet, cellular phone service, local home telephoning and Satellite TV at prices 5%-30% less then their competitors

Individuals or companies can also make money partnering with GetVideophone. The service is already established in 20 countries, (with North America being the most popular region), but the company seeks to expand even further globally. GetVideophone is particularly interested in acquiring partners from Europe and Asia.

Hardly anyone has a Videophone & the majority of the population will have one within 5 years. GetVideophone sees a tremendous growth ahead of them and are looking for Business partners globally. In the video on their website Mr. Donald J. Trump says, “This is better than Real Estate”.

“…probably the most significant paradigm shift in the entire history of modern communications, since the invention of the telephone”

Mr. Michael Powell -Chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission

We are in midst of the greatest Transfer of wealth, millions of people are moving from analog phone system to digital phone system including Videophone.

For more information please visit: www.GetVideoPhone.com.

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For more information please visit: http://www.GetVideoPhone.com.

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