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Selling Your Car? Make Sure It’s in Sparkling Condition for Better Offers

Cars are typically a possession that costs a lot of money to buy and so we expect to own them for a long time, even used cars should last us a minimum of a few years before we look elsewhere to trade up to another car (perhaps sooner if we win the lottery!). When the time comes that we feel the need to buy a new car then the decision to sell your current car can be a good way to raise some of the funds to afford that new set of wheels.

First of all you need to make sure that the car is in good condition, giving the car a simple wash with the hose won’t do – you’re trying to sell the car so it should look at its best. One of the extra ways to make your car shiny is to get the car waxed and polished. You may need to be careful when polishing and waxing your car as this can make small paint chips or scratches more visible. If the scratches are only small then you might want to buy some touch-up paint to help cover the affected areas.

Your wheels are another part of the car that isn’t likely to be thought of when cleaning a car, alloy wheels should be sparkling so get a pressure washer on them to clear the dirt build up. If you’ve got wheel trims and they are cracked then consider buying a cheap set to replace them with. If nothing else it will look brand new, helping impress potential buyers.

As well as making sure the outside of your car is sparkling you need to make sure the inside is equally as clean, if not more as the driver will be sat in there when using the car. Smokers should consider getting some serious upholstery cleaning products to get rid of the foul smell of cigarettes which can put off a lot of buyers. Try to keep the car free of clutter when you are expecting buyers to come round to check out or test drive the car too.

Whilst not a typical feature a buyer will look at when buying a car, the engine bay should be as clean as possible. Wiping dirt and dust off of the engine block may seem purely a cosmetic move but engines operate better when clear of any dirt. Corrosion on battery connectors should be cleared to prevent any breakdowns due to bad connections as well.

Make sure your car is in great condition when it comes time to sell it as it could make the difference between selling at your asking price and having to settle for a lower figure.

If you’re looking to change cars or can’t afford to buy a new car outright then check out the car credit deals available to help get the right car for you with the best car finance plan that suits your pocket!

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