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Saving Money On Your Car Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle may be a challenge in these trying times.  Many people think that by letting go of regular car maintenance they are saving.  In truth, people who let their vehicles go may end up with a whole lot of car trouble.

You don’t have to spend big bucks on maintaining your car.  Here are few tips on saving money on your car maintenance.


If you’re going to bring your car in to a dealership or to an independent auto mechanic, ask what they charge for routine maintenance.

You won’t lose your warranty if you go to an independent mechanic instead of a dealer.  An independent mechanic, especially one you know on a personal level, will charge you less than what a dealership would.

If the mechanic or dealership wants you to have extra work done, you don’t have to.  Maintenance measures that are not included in the owner’s manual are nice but not necessary.  Don’t feel pressured into having them.

Always get quotes from dealers and car mechanics in the area.  However, consider quality of service and after sales.  You may end up paying a bit more than the lowest quote you receive but get better service and after sales.  That should also be a factor in your decision making process.

Avoid Stress

While the advice may be good for you too, this is also true for your car.  Excessive stress can damage your car.  Stressing your car will lead to a breakdown and wear your vehicle out faster.  A broken down vehicle will require more maintenance and in a worst case scenario, a replacement.

Driving well will lead to longer car life and more value when you choose to upgrade to a better model.


There are innovative ways of cutting on costs.  Did you know that a free oil change is available in certain states for individuals who meet the requirements?  

You can also get free gas if you’re a frequent traveler.  If you drive at least a thousand miles every month, you can sign up and get free gas in return for acting as a mobile advertisement.  A magnetic sign will be placed on your car and the size of the sign will determine how much free gas you will get.

Inflate Tires

Keep your tires well inflated.  Too much or too little air can damage your tires and require you to have them replaced.  You should know how much air is best for your tires.  Keep the air at that level.

Fluid Checks and Oil Changes

Gas isn’t the only fluid your car needs to operate smoothly.  You should also check that oil, transmission fluid and engine coolant are at optimum levels.  If any of these are inadequate, an engine collapse may be in the offing.

As oil is of vital importance to your car, have it changed every three thousand miles.  Regular oil changes can increase your engine’s life and performance.  Thus, you get more value from your car in the long run.

Wash and Wax Regularly

Taking care of your car’s internal components is important.  However, do not ignore the exterior.  A clean, well polished car is a source of joy to any car owner.  Regular washing and waxing can also prevent corrosion problems.  Corrosion problems can lower your car’s value.

A car is a machine and machines need proper maintenance.  Having your car maintained at regular intervals can extend the car’s life and functionality.  Regular maintenance will save you from expensive repairs and the possibility of purchasing another vehicle.

But the ultimate car maintenance money saving tip is:  do it yourself.  If you can do it properly, do the servicing yourself.

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