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How To Quickly Give Your Car A Showroom Shine That Will Last

You don’t have to be a car detailing professional to give your car a shine that looks like it belongs on a showroom. Everyone is enamored by the mirror look that you can see yourself in but the truth is even though those cars on the showrooms are detailed by professionals, you can get the same results at home with just a little instruction.

If you are going to use traditional waxes you should go online and look up the best brands of car wax. Remember that there is a lot of hype in the car wax market and there are a number of brands on the market that are at best, mediocre. On the other side of the coin, some of the costlier waxes may not be worth the investment. According to reviews by Consumer Reports, Turtle Wax and Black Magic waxes got high marks, but you should do your own research for non abrasive car wax.

Prior to waxing your car you need to prepare the surface by washing it thoroughly, you may have to repeat the process to be sure you have removed all the dirt and grime. After washing, be sure to dry the car totally before you begin applying wax. Never wax your car in the sun on a hot sunny day if it is bright out park the car in some kind of shade to wax it.

Next, take a sponge and get it moist then put a small dab of wax on it and rub it over the car in a circular clockwise motion. You should ideally work in three foot areas at a time moving around and covering the entire car. Once you have the entire car waxed, go back to where you first started.

The wax should be dry at this point and it is now time to begin the process of removing the wax from the vehicle. A lot of professional detailers I know use cloth diapers to remove wax. Be sure that they are 100% cotton, synthetic blends can scratch. Terry cloth towels do a good job as well. To remove the wax you will want to move in the opposite direction that you applied the wax in, so if you applied the wax clockwise, you should remove it counterclockwise in small circles to buff it off the vehicle. Change towels or cloths frequently so you aren’t reapplying wax.

Afterwards, take a totally clean cloth and go over the entire vehicle once more to be sure you haven’t missed any spots.

It isn’t difficult to have a professional quality wax job on your car. It just takes a little work and about an hour or so.

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