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Cloudy headlights – Why does it happen?

The easiest way for your car’s crystal clear headlights to turn into cloudy headlights is through wear and tear in the headlight covers. Nowadays headlights are mostly manufactured out of a plastic or lexen (a slightly harder plastic) both of which like any plastic materials through exposure to the elements can grow weak.

Cloudy headlights without proper maintenance can develop little fractures in the protective coasting which can permit humidity and moisture to get within the headlight casing where the warmth from the headlight creates condensation, fogging up the lens even more. Also without protection sun damage and especially acid rain can create permanently cloudy headlights. Conditions of extreme cold can freeze the outer part of the headlights creating a dangerous cocktail of cloudy headlights in very dangerous conditions.

Beware! The consequences of Cloudy Headlights can be Fatal!

Common chemicals used in cars and exhaust from other vehicles can further the deterioration of the external casing. Regular waxing and polishing can also chip areas on the surface layer creating a haze. Contact with petrol, oil and coolant should be avoided and it is highly recommended to use only specified products to clean, restore and prevent the development of cloudy headlights.

The development of cloudy headlights with a dull hazy surface layer hampers not only their appearance but also their ability to fulfill their job allowing you to see in dark and difficult driving conditions. Cloudy headlights have a haze that makes the light beam much more dispersed and there for less clear and less bright affecting the range of visibility in fog, rain and especially at night making it very difficult to see the road and for others to see the car.

Cloudy headlights have very dangerous consequences and its prevention is a vital part of vehicle safety that every responsible car owner should take care of. There is a solution at hand through proper restoration cloudy headlights can be completely repaired.

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