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What Is It That Makes The Sports Car So Desirable?

Fans of sports cars are as zealous as Green Bay Packer football fans. You will find more car clubs and online forums dedicated to various segments of the sports car genre that any other part of the automotive industry. Sports car lovers also spend a great deal of their waking hours doing things with their vehicles, more so than other owners.

Although it may not be possible to pinpoint precisely why the performance sports car brings out such loyalty and devotion in so many people there are a few things that we can identify that contribute to this.

Most sports car owners tend to be freedom lovers, similar to the personalities of bikers. Indeed many sports car owners are also Harley riders. The idea of being able to take a high performance car out on a long deserted stretch of road and just open it up appeals to people like this.

Another factor with sports car owners is that they seem to gravitate to new technology and sports cars always seem to be at the forefront of new innovations in the automotive industry. This segment of the industry is responsible for many of the advancements we see implemented in other cars because of their constant need to be on the cutting edge of design innovation and technology.

On the flip side the sports car is also a one of those things that we can actually have control over. Even though the latest sports cars have incredible technological advances we can still feel like we are in charge and have mastery over them, they respond to us.

I think on a more basic level the sports car also reaches out to that deep primitive urge inside of men to show strength in a time where it has become invisible and unneeded. Because of all of the advances in technology there is no need for the “survival of the fittest” type of mentality and this has resulted in many cases, in the softening of humanity. The power of the sports car gives us a way to express those feelings that are hiding inside from a time when it was necessary to be strong and fast just to survive and see another day.

So, it is really no surprise that the sports car merits such devotion since it gives us so much of what we seek both consciously and subconsciously. It satisfies our desire for the latest technological advancements while at the same time allowing us to control them and lets us show our strength though our vehicle.

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