Car Wax Colored

car wax colored

Professional car waxing

The sheen on a showroom vehicle is the item that many people desire. The mirror finish fascinates people of all ages. There is no doubt that a car waxed by a pro, but you can achieve the same look at home without needing to pay for a costly auto detailing.

the most significant step is to log on and research the different car wax brands. Some brands are average at best, while costlier brands may not be worth the money. Consumer reports mag gave Black magic and Turtle Wax the highest ratings of all the waxes out there. Stick to nonabrasive waxes for most satisfactory results. Please note – you have have a white car – you should use color car wax.
Next, wash your car completely. Avoid washing and waxing your automobile on a hot, sunny day. If it is sunny, make sure you park your automobile in the shade.
dampen a sponge and squirt a small amount of wax onto the damp sponge. Aim for an amount that equals a large spoon or so. In a clockwise circular motion, rub the wax over every section of the automobile. Think of the original’The Karate Kid’ film with the’wax on, wax off’ strategy. Cover the whole auto with the wax and then return to the section where you started.
By this point, the wax should be dry. Material nappies are excellent clothes for removing wax. In the opposite counterclockwise direction, use tiny circles to buff the wax off your car. Employ a small amount of pressure so you are getting all of the wax. Switch garments or towels periodically so that you are not putting wax back onto your auto’s surface that causes those annoying streaks we all hate.

After 2 hours, wax can damage an auto’s painting. Make sure that you are working fast enough to get all the wax off.
Place a layer of wax on the spot and let it dry completely. Buff the wax off and repeat if necessary.
Use a top quality fabric softener to promise that the towel won’t scratch your vehicle in the future.

You are going to adore the end result!

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