Car Wax Black Paint

car wax black paint

Tips to Maintain Your Car’s Value

‘Maintain your car well’, how many times we would have heard this but do we know how to actually maintain it. Here are some tips which would help you to maintain your car better and will help to enhance the value of your car further.

Have the habit to keep your car clean. Use a coat of wax to prevent your vehicles paint surface from natural element. A frequent clean-up for your car will help to maintain the value of your car over time.

Regular oil changes are most important for keeping your engine clean. Its important to the time when the oil change is required, if the color of the oil is black and opaque then it’s high time to change it. If the color is dark brown then there will soon arise a need to change it, the sooner you do it would be better. And if the oil is slightly brown then there is no problem it will do.

It is always a good practice not to eat or drink inside your car by all means. Avoid smoking, spills,  cigarette smoke and stains can spoil the appearance of your car  and the smell inside your car, this can ultimately detriment the resale value of your car.

For people living in cold climate make sure you wash your vehicle to remove the salt deposits that can eventually turn into rust. Rust is considered as an enemy. If possible just see to it that your car is undercoated to avoid the salt deposits from building up on the frame and underside of the quarter panels and fenders.

For people residing in cold countries it is extremely important that you store your car inside, the cold climate can inflict disorder on your cars internal engine components. And if you reside in hot climate then would be advisable that you do store your car inside because the sun can fade the outer surfaces of the car including the paint, trim and mouldings. Thus by storing your car in weather –controlled environment, you can easily avoid costly and unnecessary repairs in the future.  

If the coolant level is low it may cause the engine to overheat. Thus  causing serious damages to the engine.

The coolant level is supposed to be between LOW and FULL in the coolant overflow tank. If it is low than top it up. If there is no coolant in the tank or you are requiring a frequent top up, then probably need to have a inspection, there is probably a coolant leak. 

These are some of the tips which will definitely help you to enhance the value of your car.

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