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City of Long Beach partners with Freedom Waterless Car Wash

The Long Beach Police Department is trading in its hoses for a more environmentally friendly method of washing police vehicles.  The Police Department announced today a waterless car wash pilot project aimed at reducing the water used for washing police vehicles.  This 12-week Pilot project will test waterless car wash products to see how the waterless alternatives compare.

“This could be a win-win situation for the City if this pilot program is successful,” Mayor Bob Foster said.  “We are taking another step to becoming a sustainable city by reducing water usage and pollution, but also save the City money.”

The Police Department washes approximately 50 police vehicles per week at the Police Headquarters.  “Washing our vehicles is necessary to maintain  them, but does not necessarily require the use of water,” said Chief Billy Quach.  “The Long Beach Police Department is committed to looking for ways to reduce our operational water usage to be in line with the City’s water policies.”

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, cleaning a vehicle using soap and a water hose can waste up to 116 gallons of water per car wash. The dirt and debris stuck to an automobile’s surface can be a combination of soils, oils, grease and other polluting compounds. The combination of dirty soap and excess water runoff resulting from a car wash can contaminate local soils and waterways.

“Amid the state water crisis, it is important for the City of Long Beach to seek out new ways of permanently reducing water use,” said Kevin Wattier, General Manager for the Long Beach Water Department.  “Instead of using potable water to wash these vehicles, waterless alternatives exist and can be explored through this pilot project.”

The waterless car wash cleaning products have been donated by Freedom Waterless Car Wash company for the 12-week pilot project.  “Washing cars wastes water and creates run-off that drags pollutants into our storm drains leading to the ocean,” said David Elliot, founder of the Freedom Waterless Carwash company.  “The waterless alternative is organic, non-toxic and saves water, time and money.”

The Waterless Car Wash pilot project is a partnership among the Office of Sustainability, the Long Beach Police Department and the Long Beach Water Department.

Long Beach Water is an urban, Southern California retail water supply agency, and the standard in water conservation and environmental stewardship.

The Office of Sustainability develops and implements model sustainability programs for the City of Long Beach.  For more information on the City’s sustainability programs, visit


Oct 28, 2009 – Long Beach City’s Police Department and Freedom Waterless Car Wash announce a partnership in a pilot program to clean their Black and White police vehicles spotless and shiny using NO WATER.

On October 29th, 10am, Thursday, on the steps of Long Long Beach City Hall will be the formal unveiling and announcement of the Freedom Waterless Car Wash Pilot Program in partnership with Long Beach City Police Department.

With the cooperation of Mayor Bob Foster’s Office of Sustainability, City of Long Beach and the guidance of Meredith Reynolds, Long Beach City’s Sustainability Coordinator, and David Elliott, Founder of Freedom Waterless Carwash, the city’s finest have agreed to roll out a pilot program whereby their current method of hand washing police cars will be substituted with Freedom Waterless Carwash.

Freedom Waterless Car Wash is a 99% biodegradable cleaning product that effectively cleans vehicles in an ultra eco-friendly way. Each car will be cleaned using two plush, microfiber towels and 2-5 ounces of cleaning product made from a special blend of water, soaps, lubricants, waxes and polymers. The towels can be washed in the washing machine and be used over and over again.

Car washing by hand can use up to 80-140 gallons per wash.* [From the International Carwash Association]. Commercial car washes use approximately 45 gallons of water per car wash. The runoff from hand car washing contains contaminated water laden with harmful chemicals, soaps and oils from road grime that gets stuck to the vehicle while driving. This contaminated water can leach directly into the soil and eventually into local waterways, thus creating environmental damage and polluting our precious watershed systems. Most commercial car washes flush the used “grey water” into the sanitary system, creating more water and chemicals to process.

Freedom Waterless Carwash creates NO toxic runoff and only uses a few ounces water to clean, polish and protect the vehicle. The vehicles will stay clean longer due to the anti-static properties in the formula and result in fewer cleanings per month. This will save time, money and effort maintaining the cleanliness of the fleet. A minimum of 50 Police cars will be washed using this method per week.

Freedom Waterless Carwash Video Demo

“In January 2009, we revamped and improved the entire Freedom product line-up. We started using ‘food grade dyes,’ and passed a biodegradability test with a result of 99% “readily” biodegradable. Now Freedom Waterless Carwash cleans and shines better than ever. It goes on easier and repels dust and dirt for weeks. We have also added the Freedom Complete Clean All Purpose “Greener” Cleaner to the family of Freedom products. This amazing product not only removes bugs, tar and brake dust, but it can even clean carpets and upholstery.” – David Elliott, Founder/Co-Owner, Freedom Waterless Carwash.

“We have vast knowledge and expertise in logistics, research & development and environmental protection guidelines. We have two teams of environmentally compliant chemists who develop, test and certify all of our products.”

“There are close to a billion vehicles in America and billions more worldwide. The demand for a “friendlier to the environment” high performance waterless car wash product line is ENORMOUS! We are ready, set up and extremely capable of filling this ever-growing demand.” – David Elliott, Founder/Co-Owner, Freedom Waterless Carwash

California, in particular Southern California, is in a declared state of drought and has committed to take necessary actions to reduce their use of water and practice conservation efforts whenever possible. This is a stated goal of both the Governor of California, the Mayor of Long Beach City and the Metropolitan Water District of Los Angeles County.

Governor Schwarzenegger, just last week, announced California’s Green Cities website,

“As California continues to lead our nation in green technology and sustainability, it is essential that our cities and local governments step up and take the lead as well…”. Governor Schwarzenegger

The California Department of Conservation (DOC) has also implemented the Emerald Cities Program which is an innovative, public-private partnership, designed to achieve California’s aggressive resource conservation and environmental goals. Through hands-on technical and financial assistance, the program will help local and regional communities become more environmentally sustainable and become part of the effort to meet the state’s environmental, energy and economic priorities.

Emerald Cities Pilot Program expands the focus to other environmental priorities including water conservation, energy efficiency, improved air quality, and protection of agricultural and open space lands.

Freedom Waterless Car Wash supplies Eco Suds Car Wash, a well-known and popular Houston-based waterless detailing company.

For More Information:
Meredith Reynolds, Sustainability Coordinator
City of Long Beach, Office of Sustainability
333 W. Ocean Blvd., 13th Floor Long Beach, CA 90802
Meredith.Reynolds [at]

David Elliott – Freedom International, LLC – Freedom Waterless Car Wash – California- Florida- England
PH. 808 779-7163 EMAIL: Dave [at]

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