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Tips for Spring Cleaning your Car

It’s that time of year again when we begin to shake off those winter chills and head outside. Your car, like most, has probably been neglected throughout the colder winter months. Now is a great time to start thinking about preparing your car for the upcoming summer months. Here are some tips which will help get your car back in tip-top shape.

* Do a complete interior cleaning and vacuuming. This includes shaking all those floor mats, vacuuming the seats, and possibly even doing a shampoo. Interiors are by far the least cleaned area of a vehicle, but where we spend most of our time.

* Thoroughly clean your car’s exterior. Start first by picking a high-quality wash product. One of my favorites is eco touch™ waterless car wash + polish

. Make sure you get the wheels and tires too which took a lot of wear and tear over the winter.

* Check your tire pressure. Consult your owners manual for the right levels.

* Check your oil levels and re-fill or go in for a complete change.

* Replace windshield wipers.

* Clean windows inside and out. It’s amazing how much visibility you’ll get back once you’ve cleaned them!

* Clean off those headlights too. You’ll definitely notice an improvement during your night driving once these have been cleaned off.

Following these simple steps can help bring your car back to life for summertime driving. For more articles like this one, be sure to visit the eco touchâ„¢ waterless car wash + polish


About the Author

James Dudra is an ecopreneur from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He currently owns and runs eco touch LLC, which sells a complete line of earth-friendly waterless car care products at eco touchâ„¢ waterless car care

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