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The way car rental/dealership and any large fleet can save by having a car wash system on their lot

The way car rental/dealership and any large fleet can save by having a car wash system on their lot.

Many smart dealers are taking interest in the car wash segment and turning it to be the most profitable part of their business over and above selling and distributing of cars through their dealership programs.

Perfect automation of the car wash process is contributing to huge cost savings in comparison to the manual labor which is very costly. Every vehicle coming for a car wash is a means of saving on this aspect on manual labor cost due to the effect of proper atomization.  The profitability is escalating as the fixed cost is remaining fixed for every car. When the volume of traffic increases, the savings are surprisingly high and they are making the coffers of the car dealers rich with extra profits through car wash equipment unit.

Business planning

You need to make proper business planning to achieve this ideal situation. The planning should be simple and practicable. You have to take the help of a car wash consultant or a technical expert who understands the value of atomization and can help to implement a unit of that caliber. The following steps are to be taken to enable you to start a new wash service attached to your present position and monitor it to obtain an efficient and trouble free output.

A quality car wash system is able to save time and money both during its operation. In case, you are adding to your present location, you must ensure that you are using the best techniques available in the market. It is essential for your profit potential. Quality components and quality design are two vital factors for the long life of your unit. You should also look after other factors which influence the smooth working of your car wash plant.

Choice of the system

You can choose several car wash systems like the self-service bays or the automatic ones or the rollover method or the combination of the three. It all depends upon the estimate of the incoming traffic that you foresee and the location of the car wash. You have to decide between choice of chemicals, wax polishing or single pump and the multiple pump systems. They all help you to select your system finally.

The pumping liquid

It depends upon the location whether you will use water as the main liquid or not. There may be scarcity or restriction or the availability of reclaim water, which has many salts and other elements and prove to be harmful for your pumping process. You should be careful in evaluating the liquid to be used for your pump. It should be compatible to the pump and the system of Car Wash Manufacturers.


The availability of power quality is important for your location. You should involve standard motors for the cost effectiveness of your car wash. You must give due importance to the power requisite to drive the pressure requirements to assure an optimum effectiveness of the system. The direct-drive system with coupling comes in a package which is less hazardous to install. The pump and pulleys are to be set in alignment for less vibration. It is the power and the driving energy that settles the performance ability of your car wash.

Other conditions

You should confirm proper inlet conditions in the building, total demand and the supply of water for the effective functioning of the pump including the chemical use section. The size of the pump has to be compatible in respect of your demand of water. The pressure should be made enough to complete the washing activities as required. In short, you must assure proper inlet conditions for a competent working of the pump in you car wash unit for savings.

An efficient designing of the discharge condition is also essential in a competent car wash unit. The units should have proper pressure gauges to monitor the pressure so that they are made to run in unison. Maintenance in this sphere is highly essential. You should choose the appropriate discharge machines to run the car wash unit efficiently. The optimum performance will make savings for you in terms of money and time. Maintenance is the best preventive measure that you can take for your unit. The technical support team should be of high quality for better performance that makes savings for you in money and time.

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