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Glass Shower Doors Are A Brilliant Alternative

A glass shower door can take a bathroom design that’s plain and ordinary and make it incredible. Functional, yet chic the glass doors of today offer a lot of more options than designs from the past, too.

It’s true that for some, the bathroom is simply a room to take care of business. It can be plain, basic and boring as long as it’s functional. Glass doors can work here, too. By going with one of simplistic designs, the care is easy, the functionality is present and there’s no shower curtain to wash and/or replace.

Others, however, see the bathroom as an escape. It’s a place to soak in a warm tub or take in a hot shower. It should be relaxing, eye appealing and a pleasure to retreat to. For these people, a bathroom design can be as important as the living or dining rooms. Aesthetically pleasing, clean and beautiful are musts.

Here’s where glass doors can make a real difference. Depending on bathroom size and design, shower doors can be simply functional, yet beautiful or they can make a statement in a room.

Large bathrooms, for example, often have a separate showering area along with a standalone tub. Showers can be enclosed entirely in a frameless glass structure that speaks to style with unusual lines and visually pleasing designs. Elaborate and beautiful, these structures add an architectural appeal to a bathroom. Whether going for basic glass or intricately designed glass, too, can make a real difference. The choices here are almost endless as good glassmakers can even create a motif in the pieces. If what’s wanted isn’t available in a standard door, a custom made one can fill the need.

Smaller bathrooms can still benefit from a glass door. The sliding types that tend to go into shower/tub combinations can still be beautiful. Think beyond the basic frosted or bumped glass sheeting to pieces of glass with designs or colors and the idea starts to become clearer. Here, too, custom pieces can be designed or special styles ordered.

Whether going basic and frosted or elaborate and frameless, the choice of glass for the bathroom is important, too. It should be rated for safety no matter the design chosen. Glass in the bath should break like a windshield on car in tons of little pieces rather than sharp shards.

Once glass has been chosen and installed, caring for it might take a special touch. Depending on the type and style you’ve chosen, the care may be slightly different. It’s a good idea to talk with the installer or follow manufacturer instructions for care. No matter the case though, caring for glass can be easy if regular maintenance is part of a routine.

Wipe down the glass after each use and be certain to remove any soap or conditioner residue that might be stuck on it. Don’t use harsh abrasives. Regular wiping will help cut down on water stains or mineral build up, which makes overall care that much easier.

A glass shower door can turn an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one. They can also lend a utilitarian sense to a regular bathroom, serving basic needs better than curtains.

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