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Cleaning Laundry Q&a

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Cleaning out really objectionable fridge?
I’m doing a little job for someone and cleaning out their vacate rental apartment. The one thing that is super disgusting and ruthless is the refrigerator… (insert puking sound here) it looks like they have some meat or something in there that bled adjectives over the place and it…

Cleaning Question-?
Ok, so some people just clear up their dishes, cup, pots and pans with soap and running hose down. Does this really clean them and make them sanitary for use again? I say-so no but I see so many people doing it approaching that. I…

Cleaning Question?
This is going to sound gross… but there’s this one pan that I didn’t wanna clear up because it was too hard, and I tolerate it sit there and it had a lil mold within it, so I put this bleach cleaner in it with some dish soap… is it…

Cleaning room tips?
my room is sooo measy… thats not my room or me but my room is wore than that

Cleaning room?
I really wanna clean my room but i can’t cause I other get distracted and my room has be messy since June 3rd

Cleaning stuck photos from chalice?
I have a desk that has a piece of cup over the top. Ages ago, I sandwiched some photographs in between the desk and the cup. I just tried to take the photographs stale but they’ve like, completely stuck to the glass and I can’t grasp it off. Does anyone…

Cleaning Stuffed animals grill..??
I have some stuffed animals that was given to me. They are small satisfactory to fit in a dryer. They have collected in the region of 5 years worth of dust on them, and have never been cleaned. I’ve tried to wipe them rotten with a wet…

Cleaning suede?
i have a suede recliner chair that my 2 year outdated tought it would be funny to draw pan all over it. i own tryed rubbing with soap water n zilch come off. i cant remove it and put thu the wash and its not worth getting it steamed cleaned…

Cleaning Supplies needed for Cleaning house?
What are some good cleaning products and brands to buy at the store, if someone could break it down into supplies for the bathroom, kitchen, etc… and different utensils I have no clue what to use close to is comet or scrubbing bubbles good etc? Thanks

Cleaning the house for my dad?
my dad isn’t feeling well because my mom is out of town so i want to verbs the house for him tonight while he is sleeping. what are some quiet things to do so he will be impressed tomorrow morning? every little idea would facilitate! thank you.

CLEANING the house?
hey all I’m moving into a new house!! The later owner had 2 huge dogs that hair ect is around. Also it be not that clean. I woudl liek to know what can i use to clean the GERMS of the floors, window, tiles, bathrooms, counters kitchen ect… EVERYWHERE! any…

Cleaning the pod of a camelbak?
I got gum on my camelbak h.a.w.g. bag an I want to verbs it. It has an Army ACU print on it so I cant just throw it within the washing machine. Any suggestions on how to verbs it? I got the gum out but it has a…

Cleaning the walls!?
how do you clean walls in the kitchen that enjoy grease on them?what cleaning products do you recommend?thanks!

Cleaning Van Dyke Chemicals?
I recently mixed some Van Dyke chemicals and applied to water color broadsheet. I accidently splashed a couple of drop onto a counter top and now it is stained brown. Is there anything that can be used to remove the stains?

Cleaning your gas grill?
What is an easy way to verbs the cooking part of the grill. Every time we cook out and I have to verbs the grill I end up with a big mess surrounded by the kitchen sink and on me. I have tried spraying the grill with cooking spray, putting…

How much would you say a person should carry payed for cleaning an entire empty house, vacuming, sweeping, moping, dusting, killing spiders and nearby webs, bathrooms, cleaning the fridge, running the self cleaner on the oven, wipeing doors down, the inside and out side of all the first floor window,…

How do you successfully remove stickers, say from a guitar, without man able to tell they be there?

Cloth smells resembling automobile smoke?
I ride motorcycle to go to work in stocky traffic every day. When I arrived at my office my cloth smells approaching car smoke. The problem is after I do the laundry that smells wont go away. How to receive rid of it?

Cloth, after wash problem?
Why some of the bottom part of my shirt widened after wash? How to prevent it?

Clothes dye? where on earth and how?
where do i buy clothes dye? are they easy to use? can i use any colour on any colour? in the region of how much are they? plz give me some ideas!

Clothes row surrounded by a condo?
I live in a condo. I want to start drying my clothes on a clothes line. I live upstairs. Could I buy one of those clothes lines that you hook to the side of the house and attach it to a tree? Has anyone ever used this back?

Clothes shrinking surrounded by the tumble drier?
My 19 month old son’s clothes keep shrinking contained by the tumble drier! I’ve shrunk his little vests, T -shirts, babygros. . . I’m getting too scared to tumble dry his clothes in suitcase I shrink them! My drier only has two grill settings – low and high. …

Clothes washer will not make the addition of hose,why?
Accidently opened washer during spin cycle .Now it won,t fill near water,Why?

Clothesline? What should I know?
I want to put up a clothesline in my backyard, to help salvage energy, and to also help reclaim the Earth. Although I’m 13, I generate the most amount of clothes in my household; therefore, I should support those who have to pay for the zest to run the dryer,…

Clothing soap request for information?
I have ran out of detergent and cannot catch any until this afternoon.Are there any susbstitutions? I know if you put dish soap its like a winter wonderland…Anysuggestions would be great…What could I use that wouls be risk-free and not make a mess…

Clothing. Smaller.?
I need to shrink my clothing. I have nearly 5 shirts that are larger or extra large and I need to shrink them to a atmosphere. I’ve seen the other questions and everyone say rinse in heat dry within heat. My washing electrical device automatically switches to cold water when…

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