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Ecolo Green Waterless Car Wash Cleans Up the Media

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IRVINE, Calif. (CBS) ?A waterless car wash… It may sound impossible, but one orange county man says it’s true and he wants you to try it.

You won’t find any hoses or buckets of water here. Instead, this is all you’ll see. It’s called the Ecolo Green Car Wash.

The president of the company says this small-water based, non-toxic product only uses eight ounces of water and will do the same trick as a regular car wash.

“Washing your car at home would use between 50 to 80 gallons of water. In a professional car wash, between 20-40 gallons and we use a cup,” Pierrick Bouquet said.

The Newport Beach based company travels to various businesses in Orange County. Skeptics argue the quality isn’t as good. But Pierrick Bouquet says otherwise.

“The product we use on the car is made with organic ingredients. People also say, ‘you’re going to scratch my car.’ But no, we don’t. This product really works great,” Bouquet said.

With the state in a water crisis, Bouquet says he is helping to revolutionize the car washing industry.

“I’m passionate about being in a place where there is a drought and starting something where people don’t know about it yet,” Bouquet said.

Bouquet, originally from France, says this eco-friendly car wash is a growing concept in Europe. Whether it will sink or swim here in Orange County remains to be seen.

The car wash will make its rounds this week visiting Irvine-area businesses. A wash costs between $17 to $20.

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