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Characterized by its luxurious features, Naples, Florida is the ideal retreat for anyone who wants to getaway from the tedium of everyday life and escape into a world where relaxation is always the order of the day. Although it isn’t easy to leave all of your worries behind, you can truly live like a local and integrate yourself into this laid-back community when you stay in a vacation home rental.

Miles of soft sandy beaches, the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, more than 80 championship golf courses, upscale shopping, and fine dining make Naples the perfect place for a romantic vacation away from the kids. Although it might be tempting to bring them along since there is a Teddy Bear Museum and a couple other child-friendly attractions, you can only truly enjoy the best of Naples if you follow the flow of the city. And this means no jam-packed schedules or itineraries, but rather an easygoing pace where the day occurs naturally.

Since you are letting the day come to you rather than forcing the entertainment, the best way to figure out what each day should bring is to stroll the city streets. Many will lead you to the beach, if necessary, while others will take you on an adventure that includes window-shopping, sipping your favorite beverage at your outdoor café, or learning about the best restaurants in the city. Gradually, all of those little knots in your neck and that pain in your lower back will simply melt away since you have no schedule to follow and not an ounce of stress in your day.

Although it is easy to say that you should leave your car behind and take the time to soak in the atmosphere by walking to your activities, Naples is a large city and this is not always going to be entirely possible. Fortunately, you can decide what kind of vacation you want to experience before you ever set foot in Florida when you stay in a vacation rental. Naples vacation rentals are located throughout the city, so you decide if you want to stay directly along the Gulf of Mexico, on the fringes of a lush fairway, or around the main drag with easy access to the best shopping and dining. Whether you need beach, golf, or retail therapy, there is a condo or home rental that can offer you the getaway you desperately need.

In addition to your convenient location near many of Naples best outdoor activities and attractions, your vacation rental is also the perfect place to enjoy this stunning setting without any unwanted disturbances. The private patio is perfect for watching the sunset over the Gulf, while the balcony off your bedroom is ideal for taking in the crisp morning air with a fresh brew in hand. One glance out the window of your downtown Naples condo rental, and the pull of the exquisite cuisine will simply become too much to bear as you enjoy another exciting night out on the town. Day or night, you can create the vacation you always imagined when you stay in a vacation home rental.

While you consider the location of your rental and the features that allow you to take advantage of your gorgeous environment, customize your trip even more by perusing the different amenities of your favorite vacation rentals. Some may offer a game room, a media room, a hot tub, a private pool, and other little extras that can make your time in Naples a little more relaxing. Also pay attention to touches such as upgraded kitchens and bathrooms to surround yourself with pure Naples luxury.

Rather than your typical ho-hum vacation where you visit the typical attractions and leave slightly satisfied and no more relaxed, let the friendly, laid-back atmosphere wash over you as you live like a local in a vacation rental. After a few days of following the Naples way of life, it will be easy to see why the locals here smile so much and find no reason to leave their little waterfront paradise.

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