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Car Wash Cafe vs Mobile Car Wash

In today’s lifestyle not many people have time to wash their cars, taking your car to a car wash cafe on a lazy sunday and having a coffee is always a great idea, but do the car wash cafes really care for your car like a Mobile operator would? Someone that is a single operator and loves what they do and takes pride in their work and wants your return business will always look after you alot better and treat your car like it is their own ensuring you get the quality service you are after.

Car Wash Cafes are known for not using quality wash mitts like lambswool or other safe washing mitt that wont scratch your paint, they usually use the same grubby wash sponge over and over on every vehicle, they also use acid based cleaners to remove brake dust and grime quickly from the wheel, using the same dirty old wash mitt or sponge on car after car without rinsing it out completely to remove all contaminants, using dirty drying chamois that are not scratch free or soft like a Microfibre Waffle Weave Chamois. The cars are usually washed by young labourers that do not take pride in their work and the companies goal is to push out as many cars as possible, turning over large quantities of vehicles rather then quality work is their aim which results in your vehicle not being treated as well as it would if it was done by a single operator

If you want your car looking its best and a Car Wash by someone that takes pride in their work then a Mobile Car Wash operator is for you at the convenience of your home or work at a time that suits you!

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