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Hot Young Models รข?? Their Key Role in Product Marketing Today

Hot young models play a key role in product marketing today.  Just have a glance through the columns of fashion and lifestyle magazines, or TV commercials, other print media advertisements and field publicity campaigns today, and you will find that most of the products are endorsed by young models in hot or sexy costumes, postures and poses.  Inevitable it seems that for virtually any mass campaign as part of any commercial operation or otherwise, featuring of some hot young model has become the generally followed norm.  In product marketing, the presentation of some theme incorporating some hot young model has become common trend.   For instance, you just have a glance through the plethora of advertisement materials passing off to popularize major consumer product brands.  Whether it is cosmetics, contraceptives, soaps and detergents, laptops, mobile phones, cars, motorbikes, mopeds, computers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, diary products, skin care, healthcare, residential units, sanitary wares or sanitary napkins, you will find the major presence of this sort of models.

As aforesaid, hot young models play a key role in product marketing today.  In consequence, modeling industry generally and young models particularly has acquired greater significance today than ever before.  This phenomenon is directly ascribable to growing consumerism the world over, especially in the growing markets of Asia and Africa.  Among Asian countries, India and China are the major growing markets of the world today and models form these regions play a significant role in consumer product marketing today.  This is part of the systematic marketing strategy adopted by major consumer product brands.  Among the hot young models who are featured in these advertisements, the majority belongs to the filmdom.  Hence, in the Indian market we can find popular film actresses such as Aiswarya Ray, Susmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Asin, Shilpa Shetty, Karishma Kapoor, etc. featured in many of the commercials for product marketing.

The key role of hot young models in product marketing today is very much a debated topic.  It is widely assailed as a syndrome attributed to the consumerist culture.  As most of these models are the popular film celebrities, they are the preferred role models for the young generation.  Hence, the products and services endorsed by them are often easily accepted by the targeted segment.  An international study conducted by a leading marketing consultancy firm to identify consumer preference index shows that above 68% of purchases of majority of product brands endorsed by these hot young models are not based on any real needs.  It is out of fancy value created by these popular models that a sizable segment of the targeted consumers buy these products.

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