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Cool Car Accessories For Teens

Kids grow up so fast these days. A recent study has revealed that kids born as recently as 1993 are turning 16 in their droves this year! Can you believe that? Well, OK. The fact is that they are growing up at exactly the same pace as they used to, but they seem to get grown-up themes a whole lot quicker than they used to. However, it has been the case for quite some time that the age of 16 means something momentous – your first car.

Many parents have the same attitude on this topic – something to do with new cars and “over my dead body” – but as the day draws closer, the inevitability becomes clear. Driving lessons are arranged, tests are booked, tests are failed, more tests are booked, tests are passed this time, and eventually your little precious is driving off to the mall in their little precious. It is the circle of life. 

It makes sense that the first car you drive will be a real landmark and, in that respect, anyone getting into their car for the first time will want it to really feel like it is theirs. So although a car is already a pretty good present, if someone you know – someone you raised, even – is turning 16 and about to start driving, then it is worth looking out for some accessories that will make the car feel more personalised. 

This is not as easy as personalising their bedroom. While they may really LOVE My Chemical Romance, posters really do not do the trick in a car. They make it hard to see stuff, which makes driving a great deal more tricky. But there are plenty of other ways to personalise a car for someone. There will follow some ideas, but we are sure you already have one or two ideas of your own. 

If your birthday boy or girl is into sport, you can do something that tailors the car to the needs of their sport. Something as simple as a carrying case in the boot for equipment can make a real difference in terms of making the whole “This is my car” concept more real. If they love to surf or swim, then waterproof seats are a great idea because – and let us not be shy about telling home truths here – they WILL go straight from the beach into the car. 

Do you know the way your kids are always so happy to wash your car when asked? Of course, you do not, they are teenagers and morally opposed to the concept of unnecessary effort. So just because the car is their own does not mean they will be any happier to take the cloths and hot wax to it. However, buy them some car cleaning kit with a labor-saving twist and there will be some chance of them at least trying for a while. Failing that, a really good car stereo or dock for their MP3 player is always a good idea. They have yet to invent the adolescent who does not like music.

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