Car Wash Hose Nozzle

car wash hose nozzle

How To Wash Your Car

It’s not very difficult to wash your car but one has to do it right. Following are a few tips to protect a car and get it cleaned.

Dish soap should not be used. Most people usually think that it is an acceptable cleaning agent for cars but it’s not. Soaps made specifically for vehicles can buy from auto stores.

A bucket can be used to mix soap with water for washing with a large sponge or hand. The sponge should be rinsed often to avoid the dirt sticking again to the car’s finish.

The car should be washed in a shady area so that the car itself is cool so that the sun would not dry it faster which could leave spots.

Car washing should be started with the wheels, one at a time. One wheel can be hosed down and then spray cleaner can be used on the wheel and rim. A brush scrub can be used down on all the dirt and mud. It would have to be rinsed and then moved on to the next wheel. One would be surprised how nice they will look.
A trigger nozzle can be used on the end of the hose. It will conserve the water and will give a nice and balanced spray.

The car has to be hosed down properly from top to bottom.

Using the sponge or hand, the roof has to be scrubbed in straight lines going from the innermost part and out to the edges. It would be not suitable to do it in circular motion. The hood would also have to be rinsed.

The sides should be washed next in the same manner, by doing straight strokes from top to bottom. The sponge or hand would to be frequently rinsed.

The hood and the trunk have to rinse next after the sides.

Special attention should be given to the fenders and bumpers especially at the front where bugs breed. Extra elbow grease would be probably needed here.
After finishing the surface areas, the undercarriage has to sprayed for removing the dirt and mud buildup.

After completely rinsing the car, a clean and soft cloth is needed to dry it. It should be rubbed lightly over the surface of the car to smooth out the water droplets. The water should not be tried to rub out. More than one cloth might be needed, this would usually depend on its size and the size of the vehicle.
For waxing, the product’s directions have to be followed. Wax will only be used after the car is completely dried. A car can be waxed up to 3 or 4 times per year.

For the car’s interior, there is no vacuum that would work better than one at the do-it-your-self car wash. Even if one does not have access to it, all the removable rugs and mats can be taken out and cleaned. The mats and rugs outside the car can be vacuumed and then the remaining can be cleaned. A good auto store can be checked for suitable cleansers for washing the dash and interior. One wants to find something that works best on the specific interior. The labels have to read and instructions have to be followed exactly. The better one cares for his car, the better one will feel while driving it. Addition to this, the resale value of the car will also be extremely higher attention is given to its cleaning.

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After washing your car you might want to know how to polish a scratch out of a car and also how to polish a car. This will not only save money but time also.

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