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car wash equipment prices

Selling Your Car Online The Easy Way

Selling your car online is one of the easiest ways of selling because a specialist website will attract hundreds of potential buyers all looking to buy a used car. A percentage of these will be looking for the exact same make and model that you are selling which means everyone wins.

Of course while there are hundreds of buyers out there, there can also be many cars of the same make and model that you want to sell. This means that you will have to do everything you can to make yours standout above the rest and get people looking at it with a view to coming and taking a test drive.

The first thing you should do when it comes to selling your car online is prepare the car for viewing and for the photos which you will take to put up alongside your listing. All websites that offer advertisements for cars will allow you to put up at least one photograph of your pride and joy and some encourage you to include shots of the front, back, side and interior. However before you take the pictures you need to give the car a wash and polish. You also need to clean the interior of the car and where possible remove any personal effects such as stuffed animals on the back window or cushions on the back seat. While you might think they add style to the car others could be put off and this could affect the sale.

Make sure you go over the car washing and waxing and also repair any minor chips in the paintwork, do not forget the wheel arches and trims and when you have it looking spotless then stand back and ask yourself if you would buy the car yourself. If the answer is yes, then take the photos and your thoughts can then turn to the actual wording of the listing that is going to accompany the pictures and hopefully sell your car for you. The wording is the most important aspect when it comes to selling your car online.

You will of course want to make sure that you have the essential facts about the car listed first; these would include the exact make, model and type of car including engine size and colour. Of course the price is essential and to get a good idea of what similar cars are being advertised for you can take advantage of the search engine that all specialist websites will offer. Simply type in the model of car and year and you will be presented with a list of cars similar to yours and can see what price they range between. Of course take into account any extras you have fitted to your car.

Once you have mentioned the essentials then you can go on to describe any additional features that will make your car stand out above similar cars. These can include such as any extra security features you added, sunroof or stereo equipment. While you do want to show your car in good light it is also essential when selling your car online that you are totally honest about any faults your car might have. Remember any serious buyers will come to look at your car and will want to take it for a test drive so faults will be found out.

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