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The best business in economic crisis: washing the cars taken back from leasing at company’s headquarter

Wash My Car – The mobile car wash franchise is washing the cars from the people that have no money to lease rates. Companies have taken cars back and now are obliged to keep them shiny in order to resell them. Since the economic crisis Wash My Car – The mobile car wash franchise business has exploded 200%. When employers lay off the rest, the franchisees bound. Wash My Car – The mobile car wash franchise has 23 franchisees across the country.

The big franchise development win came over last year, when the crisis came across head throughout Romania. Andrei Popa, 30 years, owner of Wash My Car – The mobile car wash franchise could not believe how beautiful it going business: in autumn, when unemployment thicken from day to day, it had increased its turnover by … 200%. A lot of people across the country are now eager to buy the idea and then make money from mobile car wash service in the parking lot. Some were among those who realized that they had no chance to pass the crisis better than if they have their business. Now, Andrei has 23 franchisees spread all over the country and many others are waiting to start the franchised business.

130 cars from only from a single leasing company

And you thought that was it, there was the boom up, even now, in March began to take orders from leasing companies. The first has surpassed all expectations, 130 cars from only a single leasing company.
“The explanation is this: many people can no longer afford to pay the leasing rates and they are returning the cars to the leasing company. The leasing company is keen to maintain the cars always clean in order to find new customers. And this is our key role, we always look for the cars to shine like new, “Andrei told us.


Money is charged quickly. Very good profit on each car that we wash

Wash My Car – The mobile car wash franchise started in 2007 with a small personal financial capital. The money was used to buy equipment and solutions for running the business in a shopping mall’s parking lot. “We started in the underground parking lot of a mall in Bucharest, together with two employees. I was cleaning cars side by side with my employees.  Soon I realized it could become a very profitable business and has a big advantage because of the speed of refinancing. We collect the money very quickly from our customers with is a main advantage. In this field you have a very good profit on each car washed. The material cost per car is only 20% of the car wash price”, explains Andrei.

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