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An Overview Of WowGreen

General Information:

Wowgreen International, LLC is a provider of green household cleaning products that are sold by independent distributors.

There are 4 individuals that comprise the management team. The founder and CEO of Wowgreen International is Allie T. Mallad. He is an entrepreneur who is owner of 10 national franchises that include Applebees, Baskin Robins, Jiffy Lube to name a few.

The Chief Operating Officer is Rick Birndorf. He has more than 30 years of experience in improving operations and he his expertise is in purchasing and selling.

Dave Deal is the Chief Financial Officer who keeps a watchful eye on Wowgreen’s bottom line. He too has more than 30 years as an executive and has worked as CFO and President of Little Caesars Pizza and helped launch Food Source, which is a distribution and procurement consulting company.

Lastly there is the Senior Executive Vice President of Operation, Own Stern who helps to bring a global perspective to Wowgreen. He has nearly 30 years of experience as an executive and he launched My Favorite Muffin, a specialty baking chain, as well as various other U.S. companies.

Wowgreen Cleaning Products:

Wowgreens products are safe, effective, and all-natural, enzyme cleaners. Below are the list of Wowgreen cleaning products.

Laundry Detergent, Dishwasher Detergent, Hand Dish Soap, Toilet Bowl cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Stain Pen (spot remover of fabric stains), All-Purpose, which are specific cleaners for tough stains, Glass & Stainless cleaner, Tile & Bath, Carpet & Upholstery, Wood & dust, and Fabric Pre-Wash. This totals 12 Wowgreen products that you can order.

If you are a New Independent Distributors or a Preferred Customers, you can order the following packs.

There are 7 packs that can be ordered: Green Your Home Pack With Spray Bottles, Green Your Home Pack Without Spray Bottles, Green Trial Pack with Obligation DVD, Green Trial Pack with Brochure, Green Action Pack, and Green Starter Pack.

The Wowgreen products are delivered in two types of containers, recyclable and reusable.

Wowgreen Opportunity:

There are 4 initial ways to join Wowgreen as a distributor.

An independent distributor may qualify for the rank of Distributor, Manager, Supervisor, or Director when he or she signs up by purchasing the following items.

Independent Distributor – Green Distributor Kit for $59.00.
Manager: A green Distributor Kit and a Green Your Home Pack (all 12 products) for $134.00, which allows you for a 10% binary bonus.
Supervisor: A Green Starter Pack for $199.00, which qualifies you for a 15% of binary bonus pay.
Director: A Green Action Pack for $399.00, which qualifies you for a 20% of binary bonus pay.

All of these prices exclude the shipping charges.

Anyone who purchases the Green Action Pack can also purchase some beginning inventory, which can be used for personal use, to sell to customers and trial products for group gatherings. This also holds true for anybody who purchases the Green Starter Pack, but in smaller quantities.

Wowgreen Preferred Customer: gets 20% savings. All that is necessary is to purchase a green your home pack for $75.00. As a preferred customer, you will continue to save 20% as you refill your product orders.

Returning Customer: Basically you are returning as a Wowgreen preferred customer.

There is a rank advancement that you can qualify for and it is as follows: manager, supervisor, director, executive I, executive II, executive III, bronze ambassador, and gold ambassador.

Wowgreen Compensation Plan:

5 ways to earn compensation.

1. Direct sales: anytime you sell a Wowgreen product to a non-preferred customer at the retail price, you earn the difference.
2. First Order Enroller Bonus: Once you are qualified and based on your rank, you can earn a bonus of $25-$50 for anyone you enroll as a Wowgreen Independent Distributor who also purchases the Green Starter Pack or a Green Action Pack. This is paid weekly.
3. Binary Bonus: Earn up to 20% on the Total group bonus volume generated by the lesser leg of your binary to unlimited depth. This too is based on your rank and is paid weekly.
4. Executive Matching Bonus On Green Starter Packs & Green Action Packs: Fully active Independent distributors with a rank of Executive or higher earn a matching bonus of $25-$50 on all first order enroller bonuses earned by distributors, managers, and supervisors in your downline. This is paid weekly to the first qualified Executive or higher rank upline by sponsorship from the ID who earned the First Order Enroller Bonus.’
5. Rank Advancement: Qualify for monthly car allowances, trips, and cruises by advancing and maintaining your rank in the Wowgreen organization.

Wowgreen Trainings:

Wowgreen does offer trainings through conference calls, events and educational events. They do offer a special training, called Commercial Training Program. This is a training for fully active independent distributors and it costs $250.00 which does not include flights and hotel fees. The training is held in Detroit. This if for individuals who are intending to market and have the Wowgreen products in commercial stores; like a Walmart or something similar.

I did see on some of the Wowgreen information web sites mentions of Social networking sites, blogs, and even pay-per-click but much of the information centered around the policies of marketing Wowgreen online. This is unfortunate for many new Wowgreen Independent distributors because the number one reason most people fail in network marketing and mlm is because many of them do not possess the proper marketing skills. Marketing skills are crucial to one’s business success. If you are not going to get the proper training from your business opportunity, then where do you go to learn how to market.

Well, there are many resources a Wowgreen Independent distributor can turn to in order to acquire marketing skills. I believe most of the trainings product by Wowgreen centers around products information and marketing to friends and family, which is great for those who already have skills in sales. But, most of the Wowgreen recruits won’t so as a Wowgreen distributor you do have some options. Either learn the offline marketing methods taught by Wowgreen and practice them until you start getting results or you might want to consider using an online marketing resource to teach you how to market your business online.

If you want to market your Wowgreen products and opportunity using the internet, an online marketing system will give you the tools and trainings you need to market. You will learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, press releases, articles, videos, pay-per-click, and more through videos. The videos will give you a step-by-step instructions on each of the marketing methods taught and you can select which methods you want to use to market your business. In addition, most online marketing systems provide what is called a funded proposal system, which is a system that gives you the ability to generate an income even if a prospect says no to your opportunity. In fact, it does not matter whether you use online of offline marketing, about 97% of your prospects will say no to your Wowgreen opportunity, but with a marketing system, you will learn how to monetize them.


I believe that what Wowgreen International, LLC offers is a great business opportunity. The company seems to have just about everything in place. Great leadership, products, business model, compensation plan, and more. The only thing missing is the training, which is so very important to the success of your business. If you decide to become a Wowgreen Independent Distributor and you have little to no marketing skills, you next step should be to write down a marketing plan and it should start with how you want to market your business; either offline, online or both. Once you have made your decision about how, then you next step is to find a resource that will train you. If you want to learn online marketing skills, I suggested an online marketing and training resource is the best way to go if you are a serious entrepreneur. Ultimately, your success is going to be determined by you so make sure that whatever you do, you learn well the marketing skills taught because once you possess these skills, you can then apply them in any business.

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Before you move forward with Wowgreen International, get the full understanding first. Then, test drive the number one attraction marketing system on the internet today!

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