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24 Hour Car Wash – OPEN

I know that you are saying…

“John, what do you mean by 24 Hour Car Wash – Open?”

I am going to break down that exact title.


24 hours in a day. What do we all have in common?
We all have 24 hours in a day. Specifically, we all have 86,400 seconds to maximize and predict our future each and every day.

The question you have to ask yourself is…

Are you taking advantage of the 24 hours, or is the 24 hours taking advantage of you?

Most people, after 65 years of 24 hours a day, are dead or dead broke – 97% of them.

What do the 3% do versus the 97%?

They all had 24 hours a day for them to take advantage of. The answer is they made different decisions and they were accountable for their actions each day and they focused on their Why. They focused on their daily goals, and they made things occur. The difference of the 97%er’s versus the 3%er’s is they took advantage of the 86,400 seconds over time.

See most people focus on working overtime.

Take advantage of time over working overtime, which means, 86,400 seconds, that is 24 hours open every day for you, in order for you to fulfill, sustain, manifest, and predict your future.

Now let’s move forward to 24 hour car wash.


What is a Car? A car is a vehicle that moves us, takes us from Point A to Point B.
As an entrepreneur, the vehicle you are in right now is your business. Remember, you are always building your business; you are not working your business. People that have a job, work a job. People that build a business, entrepreneurs, build long term.

You have to start to understand the power that lies within your car, which is the business vehicle that you are in.

You drive it.

You steer it.

You control it.

It only goes where the driver drives it too. That is why you must take advantage of the time. You must understand the power that lies within the vehicle. You must absolutely predict your future to be a 3%er.


What does Wash mean? 24 Hour Car Wash.
How many of you brush your teeth everyday?
I know all of you do. How many of you take a shower everyday? I hope all of you do…

It’s when you cleanse your physical body to rid it of the toxins and dirt that build up on the external part of your body. Yet, the most important part of predicting your future is the internal toxins and waste that build up. You must create the habit of personal development each day, to wash the negative toxins that the mind, heart, and sprit get bombarded by each day.

Not lightly…BOMBARDED…it’s like a category 5 hurricane that comes through South Florida…versus scattered showers.

There is a BIG difference. Your mind is bombarded each day. It is like a category 5 hurricane of negative words. Negative words are in the background while the radio is playing, in magazines, advertisements, billboards, newspapers, etc. 97% of what is in print and what your eyes see every day is and what your ears receive every day is negative.

You have to absolutely commit to washing those toxins away.

I believe you are a Champion. Therefore, you have to commit to 60 minutes minimum of personal development each day of your 86,400 seconds, and you must commit to one hour of personal development washing. When you combine those two things, you begin to use your 24 hours to your advantage.

Understand the power that lies within your vehicle, your car, the business you are building, and commit to washing your mind, heart, and spirit every day.

The 24 Hour Car Wash concept will change your life forever.

That is the goal.

Take advantage of it.

I look forward to hearing the results from it.

And remember…

Simplicity to Success Lies In the Basic Fundamentals

Creating 1000 Millionaires by the Day!

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