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One great side-effect of the internet has been the availability of obtaining prices and quotes online. For all kinds of items from washing machines to cars to houses and even boring stuff like car insurance.

Most women have to juggle their daily lives, fitting in work, kids and home life. A good place for women to check out car insurance is via the Internet, which will save you time and almost certainly money.

Using the Internet ladies can compare insurance quotes from several companies, contact the broker and e-mail questions and instructions. You will also have a choice of local and national companies all over the country. Not just your nearest high Street insurance agent.

Everyone who drives in the UK is required to have at least the basic minimum third-party insurance to cover them against a loss and injury involving other vehicles and people.

At least now with the Internet ladies can save time by making direct e-mail contact with a broker. Instead of hanging on the end of the phone for hours waiting for quotes. Women have become a big deal in the car insurance market over the last few years, with some companies setting up specifically to only deal with lady drivers.

Some of these companies have spent huge amounts of money on TV and magazine advertising campaigns to entice women to use their insurance services. These companies are not charities. They have realised that women drivers are now a very important car insurance market in the UK.

There are all kinds of ladies car insurance comparison sites on the Internet, supposedly offering the best quotes available. But even in the Internet age it is still a good idea to have a personal relationship with your insurance broker. He will have a vested interest in keeping you happy, and getting you the best deal so that he can make a commission on the sale each year.

Car insurance brokers with a strong Internet presence will generally be able to offer a much better deal than a broker in a traditional insurance office. The reason for this simply boils down to the cost of doing business. Traditional brokers have high overheads such as rent, electricity, property taxes and so on.

Internet brokers expenses are a fraction of those traditional brokers, and therefore they can pass on the savings to the client in the form of reduced your insurance premiums. In addition, the insurance company working the traditional way will have other overheads such as newspaper advertising, which can seriously eat into profits. Which have to be recouped by adding to the price of premiums.

Women will find that they can make significant savings on car insurance premiums by purchasing through an online broker. Often, the savings may be as high as 15% over what they would pay in the high Street.

The proliferation of insurance companies that deal only with women has also helped to reduce the average cost of ladies car insurance. These companies, not only recognize the value of lady clients.

They also appreciate that women, despite all the old fashioned sexist jokes, are statistically safer drivers than their male counterparts. Therefore, if an insurance company avoids insuring male drivers. Their average losses will be less, allowing them to cut women’s insurance premiums.
So ladies if you’re insurance renewal is due use the power of the Internet to contact a broker to save you time and money on your next car insurance deal.

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