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Car Safety and Maintenance

Car accidents are a major cause of death for both children and adults alike. It becomes imperative then, that we take enough precautions for our safety. It would be prudent to note that it is not just children who require protection; grown-ups are just as vulnerable when it comes to road accidents.

One of the ways to keep yourself safe is to regularly maintain the car – this way you don’t encounter any mishaps occurring due to mechanical failure of your own car, at least. This is in addition to the professional servicing that you should subject your car to every once in a while. In essence, this is a do-it-yourself type of maintenance.

The first step to maintaining your car is to keep it clean. If your busy schedule doesn’t permit you to wash it regularly, find a good automatic car wash location. If it is possible to throw in a wax agent, make sure you do that.

Another thing that you must do is learn how to change your brake pads, and do it regularly to keep the car running smoothly. It’s quite commonplace to hear the telltale screech of the brakes – you need to take time out to change them. A note of caution: always allow the car to cool by giving it sometime before you attempt to change the brakes.

You must have heard of Murphy’s Law (anything which has to go wrong will go wrong). In accordance to the law then, your car will break down at the most inconvenient of times and in the most uncomfortable of places. You should always carry a few tools such as clamps and screwdrivers to help you out in the times of need. It also helps to keep some motor oil in the trunk. The cabin’s air filter also needs to be replaced frequently.

When anticipating driving in wet conditions you have to be very careful about the functioning of the engines – as well as cater for small infractions like the wipers, windshield washer fluid and other wet driving-specific gadgetry associated with the car.

If you intend to go on a road-trip, you have to keep in mind some basic requirements to ensure your safety. If you can’t find time to get it professionally serviced before the trip, take time out and begin by checking your tires and brakes, while making sure to also check all the hoses and belts. Try to pack at least a Phillips screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, a hammer and a ratchet with a set of sockets. If something happens on the road, it is possible to fix most things if you have the tools.

Avoiding a car fire is really important. While it would be advisable to carry a fire extinguisher in the car, it’s not very practical. If installing accessories by yourself (like the stereo), be extra cautious as they tend to catch fire.

In the final analysis, although safety and maintenance perhaps can’t be spoken of in the same breath, they are still just as important – in particular, maintenance for safety. Make sure you keep your car well-maintained and ready for immediate use.

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