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40 Ways to Start a Great Boomer Business

By the time you’ve put in twenty-five years or more working for a living, you’ve seen and experienced many things in your life.


Along the way you may have developed a strong entrepreneurial urge, but feel stumped right now because you can’t seem to focus on a solid business idea you can bring to life as a great new business.


To help you find a winning idea from what you’ve already done and know, We’re pleased to share with you 40 ways to use your experience and your knowledge to find a great business idea specially suited to this stage of your life.

For any of the 40 ways that seem to click for you, write down the specific business idea that comes into your mind. Let’s get started!

1 What skills can you sell as a freelancer?

EG: Accounting, computer programming, project management.


2 What opportunities does your most recent employer seem to be missing in the marketplace?

EG: Drapery accessories, pneumatic accessories for forklift trucks, refurbishing services for used equipment.


3 What skills can you sell to your most recent employer?

EG: Total quality training, bookkeeping.


4 What consulting projects might you complete for your most recent employer?

EG: Annual report design, electronic cash register installation.


5 What products could you possibly sell to your most recent employer?

EG: Computer software, mobile snack service.


6 Do you have a hobby product that you can offer as a business?

EG: Christmas decorations, gift baskets, baby cradles.


7 Do you do something as a volunteer that others would pay for?

EG: Transportation for medical appointments, meeting planning.


8 Is there a service you need personally that you cannot find?

EG: Taking kids to after school activities, finding odd pieces of china.


9 Can you provide a product or service your friends can’t find?

EG: Home delivery of live seafood, pet sitter.


10 Could you sell an improved version of an existing product or service?     EG: Baby carrier or toothbrush products, grocery-shopping service.

11 Have you invented a product for which you can document market demand?

EG: New medicine cabinet, accounting software for non-profits.


12 Is population growth in your area creating new business opportunities? 

EG: Laundromat, locksmith, home health care products store.

13 Do you see an opportunity for a new franchised business in your neighborhood?

EG: Quick sign shop, mailbox store, children’s play area.


14 Do you have the experience and knowledge to buy an existing business? EG: Dry cleaner, greeting card shop, home security installer.

15 Do you know of opportunities to sell to local, state or federal government?

EG: Office furniture, time management training, construction services.

16 Is there some kind of knowledge or information you have that others might pay for? 

EG: Stock picking tips, trout fishing techniques, job application verification.

17 Can you do something with computers that others would pay for?

EG: Install wireless networks, broker used computer equipment, medical billing.


18 Do you know how to do something in telecommunications that others would pay for?

EG: Business phone installation, cellular phone sales, private pay phones.


19 Do you have a manual skill that others would pay for?

EG: Bricklaying, woodworking, stained glass design and installation, asphalt paving.


20 Are you especially talented in working with children?

EG: Computers for pre-schoolers, music lessons, tutoring, special field trips.

21 Are you experienced and talented in teaching/training?

EG: Foreign languages or English, space organization, job social skills.


22 Do your friends rave about your cooking or baking?

EG: Wedding cakes, ethnic breads, chocolate specialties.


23 Are you talented at organizing?  

EG: Time management, seminars, keeping your budget straight, controlling the family budget.


24 Are you an experienced salesperson? Could you become an independent sales rep?

EG: Industrial safety products, metal stampings, clothing for the larger woman.


25 Are you experienced at importing or exporting? In what product areas? 

EG: Scientific equipment to Eastern Europe, hand-carved decorations from Asia, used lathes to India.

26 What knowledge can you turn into a booklet, guide or special report?

EG: Internet marketing, parenting of special needs children, genealogy.


27 Are you really good at financial planning and management?

EG: installing and using Quicken, reviewing health insurance options, saving money buying and repairing cars.


28 Do you possess talent in graphic or fine arts design?

EG: Designing websites, painting decorative murals, custom painting of clothing.


29 Do you have special business management skills?

EG: Recovering from a business disaster, recruiting hard-to-find employees, negotiating trade deals in Asia.


30 Are you particularly adept at home repair or maintenance?

EG: Handyman services, brick sidewalk construction, inside telephone and computer wiring.


31 Do you have a talent for tasty cooking?

EG: Gourmet chef to go, catering, pre-cooked meals.


32 Do you have a special gift-related idea?

EG: Talking pictures, drawings of pets, rustic picture frames.


33 Are you good at fashion work?

EG: Professional clothing shopper, jewelry appraiser, distinctive window treatments.


34 Have you gained legal knowledge that can help others?

EG: Negotiating credit payments, finding abandoned property, locating government grants.


35 Are you talented in buying and refurbishing people’s possessions?

EG: Antique renovation, photo retouching, oriental carpet repair.

 36 Do you know a lot about business security?

EG: Investigating job applicants, setting up commercial security doors and cameras, protecting trade secrets.


37 Can you sell your talent in a sport?

EG: Rock climbing trips, running soccer camps, a guide to the NFL for women.


38 Do you have experience in New Age disciplines?

EG: Fung Shui consulting, spiritual readings, past-life regression analysis.

39 Can you assist people in buying a home?

EG: Home inspecting, discount decorating, finding local home services.


40 Do you have a particular talent working with pets?

EG: Dog breeding, fashion accessories, pet photos.

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