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Spray Paint A Vehicle- Design A Graffiti Car All By Yourself!

Spray paint a vehicle and design a graffiti for cars all by yourself – does that sound surreal or not?!

I know it sounds like impossible to create graffiti for cars but what is there to lose?

As long as you can spray paint a vehicle, you can make graffiti for cars with no sweat. Yeah, you are a bit concerned of ruining your car, but after you read these excellent tips on how to spray paint a vehicle I know you will be working like professional.

Learn all the secrets on how to spray paint a vehicle and become a professional spray painter in less than 2 hours.

Here are the tips that you must learn in order to spray paint a vehicle and create an amazing graffiti design for cars;

1.)    Clean before you spray paint a vehicle

Sand your car very well. Make sure that the old paint has been removed thoroughly before you spay paint a vehicle. Remove any bumps or unevenness on the surface. Wash the car and remove grease with grease remover.

2.)    Find a good wide space to spray paint a vehicle

Do not do it in the garage, do it where you can clearly see the vehicle so you can check out if there are some mistakes or adjustments to be done when you spray paint a car.

3.)    Fill holes and uneven area with putty

This way you can make the surface even. Do not forget to sand out the excess putty. This is very advisable so your paint adheres very well when you spray paint a vehicle.

4.)    Use masking tape to cover areas you do not need to paint

Masking tapes are excellent in covering surface area that you do not need to apply paint on. You can use used news paper to cover the rest.

5.)    Prime your paint

Primer makes the paint smoother and more consistent. With primer the paint adheres better to the car as well. The paint also appears to be more glossy with primer.

Get more incredible tips and unbelievable secrets on how to spray paint a vehicle.

I know you are worried that you might ruin your car, but believe me, you can create graffiti for cars without the need of professional help. It is understandable that you are very much reluctant to design, create and architect graffiti for cars. But as long as you have the imagination and the drive to decorate graffiti for cars I am sure you will succeed.

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Watch videos on how to spray paint a vehicle HERE!


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