Car Detailing Vacuums

car detailing vacuums

Do It Yourself Interior Car Wash Tips

Detailing the outside of your car involves washing and waxing the surface. A good exterior detail will make your car glimer and it also proects the paint. However the interior of your car is what you see the most We spend most of the time eating, snacking and spilling coffee inside our cars If you have pets, kids and a busy work schedule keeping your vehicle clean can almost be impossible. After many years of spilt coffee, kid goo and a bunch of stuff the dog left behind, I have a couple of tips. When I just can’t get to cleaning my car I go to So Cal Auto Spa a San Diego Car Wash.


1.Vacuuming your car after removing all of the trash is a good place to begin cleaning the interior. A strong vacuum, such as a shop vac or a commercial vacuum found at a car wash, is the best way to go. Remove the floor mats and vaccum the dashboard, doors, seats and carpet, then clean the floor mats. This removes large amounts of loose dust and dirt. Don’t forget to get under the seats, the wholes where the seat belts come out and inbetween the seats.

A small brush-like extension on the end of the vacuum can help get into the air vents, between the seats and on the dash around the stereo system, temperature controls, gauges and the steering wheel.Finding one of those extension brushes can be hard if you don’t have a shop vac, so check around your city. A San Diego car wash by the name of So Cal AUto spa uses them to get in all the places where dust and dirt build up.

Cloth and Carpet

1. Carpet that isn’t stained or very dirty can be cleaned with a vacuum only. Carpet with stains or heavy dirt can be cleaned with an everyday carpet cleaner. Saturate the stained area with the cleanser and use a heavy duty brush to scrub out the stains. Upholstery or fabric cleaner can be used on the seats and headliner. Don’t clean the headliner unless it is a must. Use gentle pressure and wipe, don’t scrub. The headliner material is very thin and can become separated at the edge of the ceiling if tugged on.

Leather and Vinyl

1. Cleaning your leather or vinyl with heavy cleansers will damage them and should never be used. This can actually damage the leather and make it dry out, crack and become discolored. Armor All and other interior products can harm leather and vinyl trim and should not be used.

Wipe down duts and dirt with a amp cloth. If the leather or vinyl is stained use a a damp rag with a little carwash soap to remove the stain. Dry the interior pieces so that water doesn’t get to any electrical equipment. I found that using a thin coat of glass cleaner, some leather and vinyl treatment with a little conditioner works best after letting it stand for a minute. Wipe it into the surface with a clean cloth to moisturize and protect the surface. San Diego car wash So Cal auto Spa has a really nice vinyl moisturizer, it’s not all greasy and it keeps the ride looking good for weeks

To help keep your dash from cracking and looking faded, always place a visor in the windshield when parking in the direct sunlight.

So Cal Auto Spa a San Diego Car Wash thanks you for reading our article.

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