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Visalus Review – Is The Right Company For You

In this Visalus Review, you will be learning about the compensation plan, the products and the leadership team. I am a third party writer, who has seen this company on the internet a lot over the last couple weeks and wanted more information on the company. I am sharing my honest Visalus Review with others who may want additional information on the company.

I have recently heard a lot about Visalus but I was shocked to find out that the company has been around for over 5 years. The company sells Health and Wellness and they are based in Troy, MI.

The Management Team – Visalus Review

Visalus was founded by Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola. They are no strangers when it comes to network marketing. Their combined leadership team has over 30 years experience in this industry. The company is experiencing high growth in the last couple of years and Visalus has been seen in Time Magazine, Business Week, and Forbes. As you can see, this company has no problems in their leadership team.

Visalus Review of the products

Visalus has some solid products that consist of Trim Slim Shape, Vi-Pak Anti-Aging and Energy and Visalus Neuro. Visalus has a wight management product called Trim Slim. Visalus Neuro is the company product that will give you an extra boost of energy. Visalus Vi-Pak is the nutritional vitamins that are geared to give the body all the nutrients that are needed.I have been hearing all about their Body by Vi 90 day challenge all over the internet. Body by VI was launched in November 2009 and it is giving the company a boost in growth. This is given consumers a weight loss challenge for 90 days to take of unwanted weight.

ViSalus Compensation Plan – ViSalus Review

The company compensation plan is a uni-level pay plan. You have the opportunity to get paid down 5% to 8 levels. The compensation plan also consist of Fast Start bonuses, personal commission sales and leadership pool.

Visalus Review – The Marketing Plan

You always want to look at what marketing strategy a company has for their distributors. The first thing that your sponsor will tell you do is to make a list of everyone you know including your friends and family If you don’t have the certain type of personality to build your business that way, you will fail like 95% other network marketers in this industry. If you want to build your Visalus business, you must recruit people you know or get the training to recruit online. I am going to be frank with you, if you don’t recruit people into your business you will fail like 95% of other network marketers. Recruiting means everything and if you can not recruit you are going to have trouble building your business. Visalus has all the components of a good network marketing business but the question is without a marketing plan, how will you survive.

You can have a successful ViSalus business but you have to learn how to put distributors into your business and leverage the internet to help you do just that.

In ViSalus Review, it revealed that if you don’t have a Visalus marketing plan that will help develop your growth, duplication, and online success that you are not 100% satisfied with. You will want Theresa’s marketing formula for massive online success; visit Theresa Jordan’s Instant Leads Formula now!

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