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New York Airport Transportation: is a Car Service Right for You?

I’ve never met the man who enjoys commercial air travel. Flying is a pain in so many ways, whether you’re stuck in line at the ticket counter, shuffling barefoot under a metal detector as a security officer confiscates your toothpaste, or praying that the baby across the aisle will please, PLEASE, stop crying. A long day on a plane or in an airport is reliably exhausting, but your headache often doesn’t end at the terminal. Any veteran traveler knows that the trip to and from the airport can be even more of a drain than flying itself.


Not to worry! Whether you are dealing with Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA) or Newark (EWR), this guide will help you navigate the vast array of transportation options to and from New York’s major airports. Flying is irritating enough, so stay informed about your airport transportation options and minimize the stress of your travel day.


What New York Airport Transportation Options are Available?


Option 1: Ride mass transit


Kennedy airport (JFK) is relatively mass-transit friendly, offering the Long Island Rail Road, the A, E, J and Z subway lines, and a host of bus lines out of Jamaica Station that can carry you onward to major transportation hubs like Grand Central Station.


Newwark (EWR) is also fairly mass-transit friendly, providing air train service from the terminal to the New Jersey Transit and Amtrak train systems.  These train services can get you to most major destinations in the area, including New York City’s Penn Station.  NJ transit also offers a $14 bus service into NYC.


LaGuardia (LGA) is a different story.  It’s ironic that LGA is the closest airport to Manhattan, and is also the least accessible, with no train service and only three bus lines (M60, Q48, Q33) providing inbound and outbound service.


The upside to mass transit is that it is relatively cheap. You still can’t beat $2 for a New York subway ride or $15-$20 for the airport train services. The downside is that mass transit is imprecise (that is, rarely takes you exactly where you want to go), often overcrowded (especially problematic if you are hauling luggage), prone to massive delays, and makes frequent stops. To be sure, riding on a cramped bus or subway with your suitcase wedged between your knees can add significant stress to your travel day.


Option 2: Rent a car


Car rental at the airport is the preferred choice for out-of-town travelers with a long trek ahead of them. For instance, a JFK arrival who needs to travel onwards to the Adirondacks may need his own wheels to make the haul upstate, since mass transit does not offer adequate service to a spectrum of far flung destinations. Moreover, renting your own car guarantees you some autonomy wherever you end up. This independence will be much appreciated if tidings with the in-laws turn sour, or that girl you are visiting goes a little crazy, and you need to get to a hotel the next town over… quickly.


On the down side, renting your own car requires that you navigate Big Apple traffic. From the Grand Central Parkway (LaGuardia’s primary feeder) to the Van Wyck Expressway (JFK), New York traffic is notoriously brutal, so be prepared for a hectic endeavor. Additionally, renting your own car will require finding a place to park it. This can be especially troublesome if you’re heading into downtown Manhattan, where garage charges can tack on several hundred dollars to the price of your trip.


All three NYC area airports offer Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, and National car rental services. For contact information, check out:


  • LGA Car Rental
  • JFK Airport Car Rental
  • EWR Car Rental


Option 3:  Take a cab


All three New York area airports offer standard yellow cab service to and from the airports.  Fares from LaGuardia and JFK to Manhattan are currently fixed at $45 plus tip and tolls.  Fares from Newark Liberty (EWR) into the city are a bit more complicated and tend to run from $40 to $60.


Generally, cab service is a convenient option for New York area travelers, but it can sometimes go terribly wroing.  Ask any local who has waited in a taxi line at LaGuardia that is literally hundreds of riders deep (no exaggeration).  The sense of urgency is often palpable as passengers disembark off of planes and race to the taxi stand.  If you’ve checked luggage, be prepared for the likelihood of significant wait time in the taxi line.  The taxi bottleneck can be particularly frustrating in winter since the queue is outside and subject to the elements.


Option 4: Hire a New York limo service


If you don’t want to compound the stress of flying by subjecting yourself to any of the hassles listed in the previous options—navigating airport traffic, finding a parking spot for your rental car, enduring the discomfort and potential aggravation of mass transit, standing in line for a taxi — a chauffeured car service is likely the right New York airport transportation service for you.


Think of the perks: a friendly representative to meet you at baggage claim; a comfortable and classy ride through downtown New York; and precise delivery to your destination. The bustle and stress of traffic recedes out of mind as you stretch out in the roomy backseat, and there is no need to worry about parking. You can just sit back and relish in unparalleled service and maybe get some work done along the way.


Air travel is a pain no matter what. But you have the power to make ground travel a delight. Many people think that commissioning a car service is expensive.  Afterall, the phrase “limo service” sounds a bit high-falooting to some, but you might be surprised that the cost is often not considerably higher than standard yellow cab taxi service.  Factor in the sheer exhaustion of the plane ride, the stress of the terminal, long lines, and the opportunity cost of hours stuck in transport when you could be working, it’s likely to be worth the investment, especially if you can put the tab on your company expense report.  In any event, investigating a car service is highly recommended.  Once you try it, you’re likely to be hooked.

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